Elizabeth [Ghost-Story, A]

Elizabeth, twin-brother Noah & best-friend Jennifer walk-home barefoot having-attended 1843 Christmas-Eve celebrations at the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill. Twins are tragically-killed in a 'road-traffic-accident'.

Opening-scene; standing on the dirt-road [NO-pavement/sidewalk] a few steps away from the stone-wall entrance of the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill, camera moves-past gate-keepers [night-watchman’s] wooden-hut [on the right-hand-side] across the cobble-stones toward & through the school-room window.

Moving forward to the table nearest-lectern camera focuses-upon Jennifer & her best-friends Elizabeth & Noah listening-intently to their-employer reading closing Christmas Carol paragraphs... ‘God bless-us everyone’.
Closing the book Henry thanked the children for attending the modest flour-mill seasonal-celebrations; standing quietly, the children dutifully lined-up, thanked Henry & wife Zoë as they collected a token-bonus of nuts, flour...

Walking-home barefoot Jennifer fell-behind a few paces, holding the Royal Oak wall for-balance as she brushed the soles of-her-feet to remove stones that had been hidden under the light-dusting of-snow.

Standing upright she caught-sight of a pair-of-horses impact Elizabeth & Noah, their bodies falling-lifeless on-the-road.

Tolling of single church-bell; screen fades-to-black.

We move to 21st-century with Valerie standing by the Royal Oak wall, husband Allan walking-up behind wife of 30yrs.

Elizabeth is hidden-from-view...

Alive-&-mortal Elizabeth & Noah get to live in the 21st-century.


25. Elizabeth Weds Adam

Noah dated Victoria, workmate Adams younger-sister, when not working in the workshop & pouring-over drawings in the office. Victoria confided by letter to Elizabeth [her] brother Noah was a difficult fiancée; missing theatre, tea-room & dinner-dates. At least he now wore shoes bought with his wages.

Elizabeth too was concerning her mom, Mary, recently re-married to Stephen; at 20yo Elizabeth was an old-maid & people in the village were beginning to talk. As luck would have-it Victorias brother Adam chaperoned when the three took the train North; when Elizabeth met Victoria & her brother Adam they quickly hit-it-off, exchanging stories, delving into each-others backgrounds.  

Adam asked Elizabeths parents for permission to court their daughter, which was granted. They both liked Adam, his sister & future daughter-in-law Victoria. Noah confirmed he had known Adam for almost 2-years working in the Aerial Transit Company factory; Adam was not a womaniser, drank moderately & worked hard.

No nightclubs in the 19th-century, the courting-couple were chaperoned by Noah & Victoria at The Royal Oak, walking in the surrounding countryside.  

With her birth-father dead Elizabeth resolved to introduce the American ‘father-daughter dance’ tradition on her-own & other ‘girls’ Big Day [wedding-reception].

From her time in the 21st-century Elizabeth pondered which tunes to teach Jennifer & of those which for that special-dance; ‘Strangers In The Night‘, ‘Old Cape Cod‘, ‘Waltzing Matilda‘ & ‘Little Things Mean A Lot‘ sprang-to-mind, she would decide later.  

Following a month-long whirlwind-romance Elizabeth married Adam with her parents, Noah, Victoria & small circle-of-friends in attendance.

Elizabeth had the advantage of knowing her future-husbands name, their home-address [Sycamore, adjacent to her parents & former Valeries 19th-century residence] from Valeries family-tree & the 1911 Census she read online whilst living in the 21st-century.  

Elizabeth was by now a highly-valued secretary to Mr Fate expanding the flour-mill business, attracting new-business through the telegraph & letter; the first telephone-exchange would be built 1879.

Elizabeth knew from her time in the 21st-century Noah would marry Victoria together with the names of their respective unborn-children.  

Elizabeth was inspired to change history for-the-better & was curious as to why only she could see the names of her & Noahs marriage-partners & children when looking at Valeries laminated family-tree.

Elizabeth could not explain why only she could see the changes when she & Noah were alive in the 21st-century.

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