An Escape to the US

This is a very short story i did for my humanities homework


1. The Escape to the US

I am Kolowocho a 13-year-old Mexican. I’m planning to go with my parents to the U.S. it will be hard but when we get there they’ll be :lots of jobs with much better pay then we get here; it’ll be safer then we are at the moment; ill get an A class education and apparently every house gets electricity AND a slushing toilet. A lot better conditions then we get at the moment. All the crops we grow at the minute we have to sell just to pay the taxes and the job that dad does brings in hardly anything so we only get one meal a day. Also in the us apparently its ALOTT cooler. Ahh that would be a relief.


Today it’s the 13th of October 2011 and were going to make it though the secret tunnel just south of the village and pay the crime bosses half our land to go though. I’m so looking forward to going to America after soo long of planning. Its going to be great.  


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