Tour of Duty- The chronicles of Congo Bonaparte

If Carlsberg made soldiers, Congo Bonaparte would be right at the front of that list. Come and Join him in his first Tour of Duty.... on a sofa.


1. Afghan - Sweat Desert 4am


The sound of an Intervention sniper rifle could be heard 40 clicks due south.The bastard had already taken out Ruddiman and xxxOWNEDxxx


Ooo that sweet sound of a tripped Claymore


Ahh the even sweeter sound of a successful kill.Claymores were a gift from the Gods.Two kills and Congo had not even moved once! Congo Whispered on his headset-


" Benjy here's the plan,I want you to run to the eastern wall."


" F ! THAT!, did you see what that Monster did to xxxOWNEDxxx I aint going out there Fam!"


"Benjy you know I can take the shot, I just need bait."


"Nahh man, am trying to improve my Rank..."


"Benjy pull it together man! I can take the shot ,trust me."


"Ok Congo, am going out. aim high bro-"



The full metal jacket sniper bullet spun Benjy round like ballerina on crack.



One on One. Congo Vs suxmyCox!.

Congo still didnt know where this ruthless killer was. His team mates had all been eliminated.

Congo pulled out his smoke grenade and lobbed it into No man's land.

He switched his sniper for his trusty M93 Raffica with Holographic sight. He loved that pistol as much as he loved getting high.


With the smoke covering the entire No Man's land. Congo ran, he ran like he had never run before.

Straight into a tree.

It was a minor set back. Congo had the sense that SuxmyCox! was on the move. He could hear the rustle of a murderer.


Congo did a spin jump and unloaded his sexy M93 in the direction of the rustle. 

....Nothing, where the hell was this mofo!?!  The smoke slowly cleared. Congo needed cover and fast.


Pure instinct took over. Congo ran and dropped to the ground and melted into the flora. He continued to crawl slowly like a chameleon stalking a prey mantis.


Before Congo could shout;


" You're shitting up my ARSE!"


The following"BOOM"  meant he had just been Claymore'D. Stupid Claymores what kind of a Prick uses Claymores!?!


Congos screen turned grey and the shameful words in bold red "DEFEATED" faced him. Congo's response was to throw his control pad at the screen...


" Cunt!"



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