Ode to the White Tulip

Poem written for a Girlfirend, we were two flowers.

Conversation between a White Tulip and a Red Wild Poppy


1. Ode to the White Tulip


When time has gone and passed away

And you're no longer near

What tells me you are still around?

What tells me you are here?

What shows the beauty of your face?

What shows your majesty?

What shows the shining of your soul?

What lets me know you're near?

How will I know? How will I see?

How will I know your love?

How will my tears run down my cheeks?

How will they show my love?

And in a day of sweet despair

How will I know you're there?

How will I know that we embraced?

How will I know you care?

The White Tulip standing tall With head help high above Will say

Can you remember me?

Can you remember love?

Can you remember when my heart was given, a gift to you?

Can you remember when those words sounded strong and true?

Can you remember that first kiss?

Yes I remember too

Can you remember on that day when I looked up at you?

Can you remember how it felt when I reached out to touch?

Can you remember in my eyes, I love you very much?

Yes I remember all those things

Yes I remember true

Yes I remember there and then just what I meant to you

Yes I remember in my heart, the beauty of your face

Yes I remember in your heart, that you secured a place

Yes I remember the Tulip, White, beautiful and true

When ere I see that majesty my heart goes out to you

Eternal as the love that binds Its beauty cannot fade

It's buried deep within my heart In the mansion that you made.

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