For my love

Jeg ved godt, det ikke er en novelle, men poesi er digte, og ja, jeg skriver digte, og jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer, så håber i kan lide det. Det er godt nok på engelsk, men håber ikke det gør noget:)


1. Bare digtet i sig selv

You have my heart - you have my soul
I've got you - and you make me whole
I see it in your eyes - I see it in your smile
this is forever - not only for a while
for every hug - and for every kiss
I find a little more of you - I would miss
if you were gone - and I was there
without you in my arms - without you to share
with the whole world - so they can see
how much you actually - mean to me
I love you so much - that words can't explain
my heart will always be with you - always bound by a chain.
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