How Satan Shut God's mouth!!!

A short story about balance in life.


1. How Satan Shut God's mouth!!!

One day God pulled Satan into a dumbest debate. Satan had nothing react to all the God’s claims. All that Satan had to do is waiting for the right moment to prove a point.

God listed “Tell me what you have done to this mankind? I did everything to them. I made them grow from a single cell and now they wander with multi organs. I separated them from monkeys and apes. I made them feel superior from other creatures. I gave them better food. Helped them to form families and cultures. I taught them languages and built their civilizations. More of all, I gave them peace at the time of war and chaos. I seeded love in their hearts. I made them feel protected and cared. I gave them the hope to thrive.  For all this, they worship me, devote and sacrifice themselves to me and to me alone. Now tell me what good have you done to them?”

Satan took a bite from his luscious apple, casually turned to God and replied” Yes, I agree. You gave them love, warmth, care, protection, peace, blah, blah, blah… But I am the one who gave them hatred, war, hostility, vulnerability, epidemics, starvation, fear, distrust, weakness, guilt and what not? You know what? I did all this to prove your existence and nothing more.”

Satan’s reply gagged God so deep that stifled his stomach. Satan continued”what will you do without me?” God stayed still and shut. Satan did not stop “Now, I sit here counting my sins and you blow your own f*cking trumpet.” God realized that he should defy Satan and opened his mouth. But Satan rushed “why don’t you shut the f*ck up and do your job. I will do mine.”

God vanished in a blink.

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