The Beginning


3. Some Feelings n Thoughts Right now

There was nothing good in my life then..  you brought everything good to me.. everything.. feelings,love, emotions,happiness,elation,attachment, care, respect,, and much more.. i am happy.. i want it to stay forever.. .i dont wanna loose anything of it.. i need everything,,  it may seem selfish,,but,, i think if you know me,, if you give me a chance ,, i guess  may be you'll like me,, people say i am nice,, i just need more 'opportunities'or moments together i guess,, i just act weird and cliched or dumb sometimes out of Over conciousness in front of you may be,,i need more chances and may be good luck and good time,, and of course God's Blesssongs upon me,, its a big deal about time,, sometimes i am Just Great,, Sometimes i may not seem to be,, But I Am always The One from Inside,, and I Am Great!! . All the Same,, i just wish to stay with you forever!! :)


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