The Beginning


2. Philosophy and Maths

The CNS , The Brain , is such a Marvel the universe has created!!!,, its Such an Exquisite thing,,chance?!! ,, anyways its a Miracle , ,and marvellous creation.. It just created its own 'Awareness' through us.... :) ,, its aware of itelf through us...and has given Us or may be itself the Power to intervene... or is it the Destiny that makes us intervene and we r just Moving and thinking like Solutions to a Multitude of complex intermingled and entangled or may be 'free' Equations, having definite or may be multiple Solutions(Fate,, Karma),, similar in a different order or just different... Maths is everywhere.. the staircase u see, the holes in the walls,, the room door,,, the Space and Mass and its Observable allighnment around us,, The Growth and movement of plants towards light and various stimuli,,The Transcription of Genes,, The movement of organnelles,, The Smile of Monalisa,, Can help us see and know,, as per the power we have been priviledged with by this 'Divine' and 'Enlightening' creation!! ,, :)



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