Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


20. Chapter Twenty


*~* Chapter Twenty *~*


I didn’t know how fast I had ran or how far I’d got from the house but no one had followed me, not even Axel who clearly had not been on protection detail this evening. He at least hadn’t been watching me.

It was just unfortunate that I wasn’t as alone as I wanted to be. However it was no vampire that was with me. At the sight of the two of them I was furious at first but then I realised that we had made a bargain and he was fulfilling his side of it.

“I don’t suppose that if I asked you to leave me alone you would?” I asked William who stood a few feet from me, watching as I caught my breath. Cain was stood behind me looking positively bored with the situation.

“I’m afraid not. I intend to keep you safe until you can keep your end of our deal.” He said with a smile. “Can I ask why it is you are leaving the safety of that lovely house and running off into the night?”

“None of your business.” I snarled not wanting to discuss my personal life with these two, one of which had threatened to kill me and started to torture me and the other who just wanted my body so he could resurrect his dead girlfriend. I didn’t exactly see casual chit chat over tea and scones in our future.

“No matter, are you going anywhere in particular or shall I suggest a place?” He asked.

“I don’t care but I’m not going back.” I said and I meant it. I didn’t want to go back. Seeing Ethan with her had hurt, I could never remember feeling so betrayed, especially when he had made such a big deal out of me and Tobin.

 “Then can I suggest that we leave here before we are discovered.” William suggested, at his words I looked him directly in the eye and made sure that I had his attention before I spoke.

“I want to be with either of you because I don’t trust you, especially not him.” I said motioning towards Cain. “But I know you won’t let anything happen to me so I’m willing to look past it but let me make it very clear that I’m not moving from one prison to another, I’m my own person and until next year when it’s time to do the ritual I do my own thing, got it?”

“I think your terms are reasonable, within reason of course I think I can accept that.” William said looking slightly amused.

“Good, then let’s go.”




I wasn’t sure why I was surprised when we ended up back in the house where I’d been held captive and Ethan had been brought to as well, it seemed that this was William’s main base of operation. Though I did find that I wasn’t a fan of his method of transportation. Teleportation was not something that I thought I could ever get used to. It felt as if I had been sucked up a vacuum cleaner and I felt as if I had when my feet landed on solid ground seconds later too. To sum it up it was not a pleasant feeling.

William showed me into the living room, which I had to admit was just as nicely decorated and furnished as the kitchen had been. It really was difficult to believe that there was a dungeon style basement just beneath us. I was somewhat grateful that that wasn’t my destination this time around.

It was late and I was cold and tired. My feet hurt a lot. It had been a huge oversight on my part to leave without even putting on shoes or socks. Even as I inspected them the small cuts were beginning to heal themselves. Though even with the scrapes healed over they were still filthy.

William seemed to sense that I needed some sleep he left Cain downstairs and showed me to where I would be sleeping. The house was a typical three bed family home. It reminded me strangely of my house but just thinking about it made me miss it terribly.

“Can I be assured that you won’t run off during the night?” He asked me as he opened the door to a small single bedroom that was very basic but good enough for me.

“Why would I?” I asked, a little fed up and desperately wanting to be on my own.

“Because this isn’t the first time you’ve run off.”

“How did you know about that?”

“Because I have been keeping an eye on you. It seems your flight instinct kicks in more than your fight instinct.”

“I’ve never been in a proper fight my whole life.” I admitted.

“Then perhaps that is why. While you are here with me I feel as if I should teach you how to defend yourself. It may come in useful. Hand to hand combat is never a useless skill to learn. It may even make protecting you a little easier.”

“Thanks.” I said but I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I was willing to agree to anything just so that I could crawl up in bed and go to sleep. I didn’t want to have to think about today and especially about Ethan. I needed to shut down for a few hours so that I could have a clear head to think things through.

Tobin had said that he would find me when he was at full health and I knew that he would when he was able. I wasn’t sure what Ethan would do. He would be able to track me because of the necklace. Despite everything I knew I wouldn’t take it off, it was almost a comfort to me no matter what he had done.

William left me alone but made no offer to fetch me alternative clothes to sleep in, he did however point out the bathroom but it was poorly equipped with one towel that had seen better days. I had to settle with stripping down to my underwear and going to bed dirty. It wasn’t the most comfortable I had ever been but I was so tired that it mattered very little and within seconds I was fast asleep.

I spent two days in the delightful company of William and Cain. The latter never spoke a single word to me, instead preferring to just stare at me. It was extremely unnerving so I opted to spend my time away from him. William was much better company.

Despite my initial distrust of him he wasn’t a bad person. In the war that had raged 500 years ago, where his beloved Bess had been a casualty he had fought to put the control with the fates and with death, putting the sins and the virtues in equal balance, something the demons were seeking to undo.

He spent long periods of time just sitting and staring as if he was lost in his thoughts. He had suggested that it wasn’t the best decision to just go wandering the streets alone because of how many demons were out searching for me so we had mainly stayed indoors which was being to get tiresome. Not only that but I was in dire need of clean clothes but this was not a request I was going to make of either William or Cain willingly.

On the evening of the second day we had spent in the house William addressed me. “When are you going to request clothes of some form, or perhaps shoes?” He asked.

“I didn’t think you would be in the mood for fetching and carrying for me.” I replied. I had been staring out of the window for half an hour just watching the world go by. Cain had gone out, for what purpose I didn’t know and I didn’t want to think about it either. I was just glad that he wasn’t around.  

“Maybe it’s a good thing I’ve sent Cain out to fetch you some things.” William said, “Besides I didn’t have much of a choice you are starting to smell.” 

“Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not trying to impress either of you.” I returned without turning to look at him. The street outside was quiet but I had begun to notice that the same people were floating around somewhat aimlessly. With all the warnings about demon’s hunting us down I was slightly wary of them.

“I won’t even pretend to act offended.” William said in his usual smooth drawling tone.

“I think those people are watching us.” I said as the two same men walked past the house very slowly, occasionally glancing towards it. They’d done it several times before and it was beginning to become more than a coincidence.

Immediately William was up, out of his seat and beside me, peering out of the window. I motioned toward the two men and he gave them the once over. There was nothing outwardly suspicious about them, they looked perfectly normal but I knew that the supernatural tended to blend in very well in this world. I hadn’t even noticed how otherworldly Tobin at looked for the two years we’d been at University together, but then again I hadn’t been looking for it back then.

“Keep an eye on them, if they approach the house we’ll deal with them.” He said calmly, if he was at all concerned he didn’t show it. In fact, as soon as he was finished speaking to me he turned and went back to his chair. “I imagine Cain will be back soon, then you can clean up.”

“What then, are we just going to sit here because I don’t think I can cope with being stuck in here much longer.” I said turning away from the window, letting the curtain fall back into place. I’d began feeling a little stir crazy the night before. Leaving Ethan’s house I had thought that I wouldn’t be imprisoned but I had just trained one room for another and this new one wasn’t exactly the most comfortable I’d ever been in.

“What did you have in mind?” William asked me.

“I wanted to go home. I just want a few things, not to stay.” I said, hoping that he would say that it was okay and I was so relieved when he nodded.

“Alright, we’ll go tomorrow morning.” He said simply.

“Really? No argument?”

“Why would I argue?”

“Guess I’m used to being told no when I want to do something.”

“They tried to protect you too much, you are so much like my Bess. A free spirit and you cannot contain a free spirit.” William said and I knew that he was remembering her. It touched me how dedicated he was to her, even after five hundred years of being without her, she was all he could think about. All he wanted was to get her back.

“You really love her don’t you?” I said to him.

“She was perfect, unique. I’ve not met a single soul equal to her in all my seven hundred years. That is until I met you.”

“But we’re nothing alike.” I said confused.

“Not in appearance perhaps but I can see your soul and it is such like hers.”

“Will you tell me about her?” I asked, half expecting him to refuse but to my surprise he nodded. There was a rare glint in his eye now and I could tell that he didn’t often get to talk about her.

“She was her father’s favourite, she had two elder sisters, both powerful witches in their own rights but she had cloned their powers and overshadowed them in both power and beauty. She cloned my immortality too. Her father had given his consent and we were due to be married.” He said with a smile on his face.

“But if she had your immortality how did she die?”

“No one and nothing is truly immortal, we just live for an awfully long time. It was her sisters that were to be her downfall. Jealous of her eternal youth, beauty and power they created a sword and empowered it.”

“They created a weapon designed to kill her, they hated her that much?”

“Yes, they called it Interfectorem Immortalium, which roughly translates as killer of the immortal. Fortunately it has been lost for centuries now but that was how she died.” He said with a sadness in his voice, the smile now gone as he remembered her end. “Of course I took my vengeance on her sisters but it was not enough. Once I had killed them I felt nothing, empty for that was what I was without Bess. Ever since I have been trying to get her back.”

“This might be a completely ridiculous question but why not let me clone your immortality too? You wouldn’t have to worry about me dying between now and next June.”

“If I could then I would have already done so when we first met. Power’s can only be cloned once. The gift you possess is a rare one, two within five hundred years is astonishing. Even without that you are truly special.”

“I’m not special.”

“Yes you are and it isn’t your ability to clone powers that makes you so. You willingly gave yourself just one more year to life to save the man you loved. Not everyone would have done the same in your position.”

“Yeah well fat lot of good in did me when he went running back to his wife.” I said somewhat bitterly.

“I assume that is the reason you left.” He said with intrigue. In the two days we had been there I hadn’t divulged why I had ran away. I was extremely untrusting of Cain but William I found myself liking. He was a good man, I could see that in him and I didn’t fault him for wanting to resurrect Bess. I envied her for the loyalty and the love she had inspired in him, it was clearly an ability I was lacking.

“Part of it.” I said turning back to look out the window. The two men had gone and the street was now empty, not a single soul moved around outside.

“Then on behalf of the man who wronged you I apologise.” William said sounding very gentlemanly. I smiled to myself, sometimes hearing him speak reminded me of exactly how old he really was.

Before I had a chance to respond the back door burst open and suddenly both William and I were on full alert. However Cain soon appeared before us but he wasn’t alone, he was dragging a familiar face along with him. Tobin. 

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