Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


22. Chapter Twenty Two


Stepping through the door and seeing the familiar wallpaper covered in graffiti made my heart wrench at the sight of it. There was glass on the floor that crunched underfoot. Someone had clearly had a party here as there were empty alcohol bottles and cigarette butts littering the place. I even noticed a few needles that seemed to have been used. This wasn’t my home anymore, that much was clear.

“I’ll just be a minute.” I said as I headed up the stairs. I didn’t want to see the rest of the house, if it was anything close to being in the same state that the hallway was in then I didn’t want to see it, all I wanted was a few things from my room. Tobin went to follow me but I stopped him, this was something I had to do alone whether he felt the same or not. 

The upstairs hallways was just as bad if not worse. The house had been ransacked and I held almost no hope that my room had been left untouched. The door was closed as I came up the stairs, cautiously, avoiding the needles and glass that scattered the floor I went over to my room and pushed open the door.

The larger furniture was still in place but anything small, valuable or fragile was either gone or broken. The same litter that was all around the house was strewn across the room but now with used condoms and wrappers mixed in.

Feeling a little sick to my stomach I opened my top dresser draw, there was nothing in it now, all my clothes long gone but there had been a tiny ledge that unless you knew it was there you would never be able to find it. I traced my fingers blindly across it until I found what I was looking for. A small silver key.

I then moved to the wardrobe, I pulled it back from the wall, something that had been a struggle before but now I had the vampire strength it didn’t feel like any weight at all. Behind it jammed between the wardrobe and the wall was a lockable cash box.

Inside I had kept a necklace that my dad had given me on my seventh birthday, four days before he had died. It was a simple silver chain with the letter A as a pendant but I had cherished it and kept it concealed away from my mother. The only other thing in there had been a silver charm bracelet that my first love had given me. Another simple silver chain but there was a small heart charm on it. Of course i now knew that the boy who had given it to me was a succubus but it still held sentimental value for me.

I briefly wondered if he was at home, he had lived next door to me my entire life. He called just before the summer holidays had started and told me he was going travelling for a couple weeks before coming home. He had wanted me to come too but I hadn’t had the money. I couldn’t help but smile at the irony of it all, if only I had taken him up on his offer then I probably wouldn’t have been standing here staring at the bracelet he had given me as the final reminder of my life before demons and darkness.

I put both items on, the chain round my neck was more of a chocker than the necklace that Ethan had given me and they hung ceremoniously together. I managed to put the bracelet on with some tricky manoeuvring as well. It felt nice to have these reminders of normality.

“You okay in there?” Tobin called after gently tapping on my bedroom door.

“Fine.” I called back before going out to see him.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Luckily I did.” I said with a smile.

“We should go.” He said and I nodded in agreement.

This house wasn’t home anymore, I doubted it ever would be again. I didn’t want to linger here any longer than I had to, it was depressing to see the house I had grown up in reduced to such a state.

As we headed down the stairs there was movement in the doorway that led outside. Tobin seemed to notice it too and immediately took a defensive stance one step in front of me, bracing himself for an attack. It was an attack however that fortunately never came.

“Get the fuck out of this house.” A male voice shouted, the swearing didn’t sound natural, like he didn’t swear very much generally and he was just putting it on for effect. “I’ve called the police, you’re trespassing on a crime scene.”

As the owner of the voice edged his way into the house I couldn’t help but smile. He looked adorably nervous as he confronted Tobin and I knew why, he had never been in a proper fight in his entire life, he’d always been the quite one at school, never one to go looking for conflict. I stepped out from behind Tobin and the shock on David’s face was priceless.

“Anna?” He asked, unsure of what he was seeing. “Is it really you?”

“It’s really me.” I said as I reached the bottom of the stairs. His arms were immediately round my neck as he hugged me. “Wow, what did I do to deserve that?” I asked in shock from the sudden display of affection. It had been difficult to throw up my shields in time to stop everything he was thinking and feeling invading me. As it was I still felt his overwhelming relief at seeing me.

“Anna, you’ve been missing for almost a month! Where have you been? The police have been looking for you.” He said in a rush, ignoring Tobin and the other two men who had come to see what all the commotion was about.

“They have, why?” I asked.

“The police assumed you’d been kidnapped judging by the state of the house. They haven’t been able to get hold of your mum either, apparently the cruise she was meant to be on haven’t heard of her so she’s presumed missing as well.”

“Well I don’t know about mum but I’m not missing, I’m fine.”

“We should leave before the police arrive. The last thing we need is police interference.” William said from behind me and as much as I hated to agree with him he was right. If the police believed I was missing then they weren’t going to let me walk away from here without answering a whole lot of questions.

“Who are these guys?” David asked eyeing the three men behind me with suspicion.

“Friends, kind of.” I replied thinking that it was a little too complicated and we didn’t have enough time to go into the details right now. “We should go, I don’t want to be answering questions about where I’ve been the last few weeks.”

“Why are you leaving, you have to stay here.” David interjected.

“We can’t stay here, but I’ll get in touch with you soon, I promise. We have things to talk about.” I said pointedly.

“Talk about what?”

“Well the fact that you’re a succubus and never told me might come up.” I said with a smile.

“What, how did you know?”

“Anna, no time.” Tobin warned and I nodded to show him that I understood.

“”I can’t talk now, soon, I promise. I have to go.” I moved back so that the four of us were lumped together, ready to teleport.

“”Let me come with you then.” He said as the sound of sirens alerted us that the police were almost here.

“No David, please, I don’t want you in the middle of this. Just do me a favour, if they get hold of mum or they find her please take care of her for me.” I instructed him, even with our lack of relationship I still didn’t want my mum hurt and as for David, I couldn’t in good conscience let him come with us. I wouldn’t have his death weighing down on me just as Amelia’s did.

“I will.” He said defeated, a look of hurt on his face but I would rather hurt his feelings now than see him dead later. I had to keep telling myself that I was saving his life in the long term, he didn’t need to have a place in the coming war. However the look that he was giving me was going to dissolve my resolution to not include him.

“Be careful.” I said to him as I took hold of William’s hand. Tobin and Cain followed suit and just before I was sucked up into the vacuum I saw him smile at me and give me a half hearted wave goodbye which I didn’t have time to return.

“So that was your first boyfriend.” Tobin said and I could hear the slight undertone of jealousy in his voice as we landed back in the house. I had to take a seat on the sofa to steady myself after the teleportation. I was really never going to get used to that.

“Yes” I said trying to think things through, seeing David again had been a blast from the past I hadn’t been expecting. His dad had brought him up solo after his mum had run off with her lover, we’d gone to primary and secondary school together, dated on and off but we’d always been more friends than anything else. When I had left with Tobin I’d thought that I wouldn’t see him again.

“Something isn’t right.” William said suddenly, interrupting whatever Tobin had been readying himself to say. Cain too was looking slightly on edge.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking around the room trying to see what had made the two of them feel as if something was wrong. To my eyes there was nothing out of place, everything looked exactly as we had left it but the fact that William and Cain were on edge made me the same and I stood up, bracing myself in preparation for the unknown.

Tobin was instantly beside me, just in time for a loud explosion outside that caused the glass windows of the living room to shatter inwards towards us. I threw up hands up over my head as Tobin wrapped his arms around me to shield me from the glass shards that seemed to have developed the ability to aim directly at us.

“What’s going on?” I asked turning to William who was looking infuriated.

“Demon’s” He said with rage, “They found you.”

“They’ve come to kill me haven’t they?” I asked as a sudden wave of fear swept over me.

Tobin nodded at me, “We lost them on the underground that day, leaving Ethan’s, coming here and then going back to your home it must have alerted them to where you were.” He said and only at that moment did I realise how stupid I had been to make the choice to go home for a few knickknacks that were useless to me now.

My stupidity and stubbornness meant that we were now under a full blown attack. A second loud explosion echoed around the street outside as a car in the drive way next door went up in flames.

“Where are they?” I asked glancing out the window and seeing no one that I could aim at to retaliate.

“They aren’t showing themselves, they know that you two can set them on fire with a single glance, they aren’t taking the chance.” William said as we all made our way out of the living room and into the windowless hallway where I hoped we would be at least a little more sheltered if not safer than we had been in the living room.

“What are we going to do?” I asked, “Can we teleport out of here?”

“They’d just follow us, they aren’t going to risk losing you again, not now.” Tobin said as he surveyed me for wounds. My arms stung with a few grazes from where the glass had hit me but other than that I was find, Tobin however wasn’t convinced of that until he had checked me out himself.

“They aren’t going to stop until you are dead Anna.” William said, “We cannot stay here, there are too many of them to deal with. Whether they follow us or not we must leave this place.”

“And go where exactly?” Tobin asked, “Do you have a plan or just winging it because we can’t run from them forever.” He argued.

It was hard to focus or to think when I was using all my energy to block out the evil trying to invade my body from the demons outside, they were attacking me personally, they wanted me to suffer and it took all I had to keep them out. I could feel the weight of their intentions, images from the stronger demons slipped past my barricades and brief flashes of violence and gore sprang to life in my head and I knew what they planned to do to me.

“Take me to Peter.” I said as a sudden idea flashed into my head. Tobin turned to look at me as if I had gone crazy and I didn’t blame him, even I thought that I was slightly crazed.

“Are you mad, why would you want to go there?” Tobin asked and I could hear the suspicion in his voice, I knew why he was suspicious, he knew I needed Peter’s powers as an element but right now that was just an added bonus because I had another use for him as well, I just had to get him to agree to it.

“I have an idea, please just trust me.” I said, the pain of keeping out the rather insistent demons baring down on me, suffocating me was becoming too much to stand. It felt as if there was no air left around me, as if I were being surrounded by the demons attempting to invade my mind and if I didn’t escape from the power of their minds then it was slowly and painfully going to suck the life from my body until there was nothing left.

William seemed to understand the urgency in my voice, at least he recognized it was there unlike Tobin who was more wrapped up in not trusting Peter than my welfare.

“Are you coming with us or remaining here?” William asked as Cain and I took hold of him.

“You’re not seriously suggesting that we go to Peter are you?” Tobin said with outrage.

“Either stay here or come with us, either way we leave now.” William said rather forcefully and with a look of resentment he grabbed hold of William and we were gone. The relief of escape from the demons incessant attack felt as if I had emerged from weeks on end in a dry and dusty desert and jumped into a pool of cool refreshing water.

 We landed in Peter’s rank smelling living room that had gained no extra charm since Tobin and I had last been here. The owner who had been sat in the armchair with a book in hand jumped up, startled at the sudden intrusion on his home.

“What is the meaning of this?” He demanded and then his eyes settled on me and I could see the anger calm and a cool resentment take over. “I’ve done enough favours for you and my father Anna.”

“Hear me out.” I said to him and even though it repulsed me to do so I smiled at him and it was something that didn’t escape the attention of Tobin who tensed up instantly.

“Okay,” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Let’s hear it.”

“Not here, in private.” I said and as I did there was a noise of protest from Tobin who very clearly wasn’t happy with this. I turned to him, “Trust me.” I said and he didn’t look pleased. Cain was his usual uncaring self and William was just looking between the three of us with curiosity.

“Don’t –” Tobin begun to say but I cut him off, Peter couldn’t know what I was going to ask him, not if I was going to make this work.

“Tobin, please just trust me. We won’t be here too much longer, just make sure we’re safe while I talk to Peter.” I said and he gave me a begrudging nod. Peter had already moved towards his bedroom, I took a deep breath and followed him trying not to think about what might lurk behind that door.

Fortunately there were none of his creatures here, the room was not as abnormal as I first thought it would be. There was an iron bed frame with handcuffs attached to it but nothing else that might suggest a kinky, fetish filled sex life with the walking dead.

“Where’s the other girl you had here the other day?” I asked to break the silence.

“I got bored, I was saving my energy to raise someone else tonight.” He said staring at me, goading me to react. I had to swallow the sick feeling in my stomach so that I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. I didn’t want to show weakness, not when I was about to ask him for a favour.

“I need a favour from you.” I said cutting to the chase. My barriers were well and truly in place but I had already seen into his sick and twisted mind, I knew the perversions that lurked there.

“I thought as much, why do you need it from me?” He asked with suspicion.

“Because I need your particular talents.” I said trying a flirty smile. I was attempting to kill two birds with one stone in this conversation. If it worked I wouldn’t have to have anything to do with him again for a long while.

“And what particular talents are those then?” He asked, I could hear that he was still suspicious. We were both stood rather stiffly in the middle of the bedroom. Trying not to think about the things that had been done on this bed I took a seat, making myself comfortable.

“I need you to help me fake my death.” I said to him and the suspicion was suddenly gone, it had been replaced with curiosity.

“Two questions, why do you even think I could do that and secondly why would I help you?” He asked. I was just glad that I had sparked his curiosity enough to get him to ask these questions.

“To answer your first question, I believe you can do this because you’re the spirit element. I think that you would easily be able to make the demons hunting to kill me believe that I’m dead. I also think that you’ll help me, not because of your father but because you don’t really want me dead. You want the war that will come from me dying but if you help me you’ll get the war anyway and I’ll be alive and in your debt too.” I said in what I hoped was a flirtatious way, it was a task to suppress my true feelings towards him and appear as if I were attracted to him. I had never intentionally flirted with anyone, especially not anyone I detested as much as Peter but I needed him to believe that I was willing to do anything to get him to help me, I needed him to kiss me. I wasn’t sure how my pheromones worked but I was praying that they were kicking in because I didn’t think that Peter that would be attracted to me without them.

“If I agree to help you what’s your plan. They’ll want your body not only as proof of death but also as a trophy. Have you thought this all the way through?”

“How long can you keep my spirit outside of my body before it starts causing serious harm?” I asked, I hadn’t thought this all the way through and clearly there were a few kinks in my plan but it was a plan I had to make work because currently there were no other options. Not with the amount of demons preparing to attack us, all of them looking to kill me. We were outnumbered and stood very little chance if it came to a hand to hand battle, their sheer numbers would crush us before we even had a chance to fight them.

“An hour maybe give or take.” He said, “Unless truly dead, spirits never leave their bodies, I have never done it before, it may not work at all. That is if I agree to help you at all.” He said, adding on the last bit for show, he was wavering, I could see it. His eyes swept over me and I lowered my shields only slightly and felt the lust he was feeling. My pheromones were working.

“You have demon connections. Make a bargain with them. Say that you’ll kill me but tell them you want my body as payment, I’m sure that you’d be able to convince them that you want my body.” I said smiling at him, making eye contact and holding it. I leaned backwards so I was half lying down on the bed, propping myself up with my elbows.

“And if I agree to this, you will be in my debt.” He said, edging closer to me.

I nodded. “I would owe you a huge favour because I’d be alive and I wouldn’t be hunted anymore.” I said, he was drawing ever closer to me, his eyes clouded with lust. “So do you agree to help me with this?” I asked as he reached the bed. He placed himself between my legs and leaned down closer to me so that our lips were almost touching.

“I admit that the idea of you being in my debt is a tempting one.” He said, the warmth of his breath against my lips made me shudder. “I think I can be persuaded to help you.” He said and at that moment his lips touched mine.

My shields now useless I could feel his confusion mixed with his lust, even I could sense that his desire for me was false but our kiss deepened and I had exactly what I wanted. He had agreed to help me and now I had his powers as a spirit element as well. 

I pulled away from him smiling in triumph, “Let’s go and share our plan with the others.” I said and I slipped out from under him having successfully gained his cooperation and his powers. Two down and three to go. 

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