Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


24. Chapter Twenty Four


Coughing and heaving I sat up. Peter was on one side of me, Tobin the other and William was standing over me looking concerned. I snatched my arm away from Tobin, infuriated with him at what he had whispered to my body when my spirit had left it.

                “Are you okay?” Peter asked and I was surprised that he actually sounded genuinely concerned. Before I answered I gave myself a general assessment, feeling was slowly returning to my limbs, the painful feeling of pins and needles fading. Considering they were all still there and I was breathing again I concluded that I was intact and okay apart from the pain in my chest.

                “My chest hurts.” I said bringing my hand to the spot where the pain was and felt a scar there. I looked down, realising that that was where the blade must have hit me. “Oh.” I said examining the remains of the wound as best I could.

                “It doesn’t normally leave a scar when I heal people,” Tobin said with regret, “I think it was because you were technically dead that it didn’t really work properly.”

                “Don’t talk to me.” I snapped, glaring at him. He looked at me with confusion but I wasn’t buying the act. “I heard what you said when I died up there.” Tobin’s face fell, “I don’t care how much you love me or how much it would hurt you to see me loving someone else, if you truly felt anything for me then you’d want me to be happy.”  Tobin looked startled that I could repeat to him what he had said to me when he thought I could hear nothing.

                “I think perhaps you should leave Tobin.” William said as my hands started to shake. A mixture of anger, frustration and shock was causing me to tremble uncontrollably. Having only just returned to my body I wasn’t at my full strength. Having Tobin there wasn’t going to allow me to recover any faster.

                Tobin got to his feet and without saying another word began to climb the stairs that led out into the street and disappeared from view. I found myself glad that he was gone but it took a lot of restraint not to call out to him and beg him to come back despite how angry I felt about him. He had brought me into this and now that he was gone I felt somewhat empty and very much alone.

                “What now?” I asked a little uncertain.

                “Now the war starts.” William said. Peter looked as downcast as William sounded at this news but if the war was really starting then that meant that my plan had worked and I was indeed believed dead. I reached for the necklace that Ethan had given to me. I had been wearing it before I had died but now it was gone. The one my deceased father had given me was still in place but the other was missing.

                “My necklace, where is it?” I asked. The two men exchanged looks of discomfort before Peter sat down beside me and began to explain.

                “Tobin removed it. He said that if your father was to believe you to be dead then Ethan’s grieving for your death needed to be real. If he knew that you were alive then your father might see through it and he was right.”

                “But where is it?” I asked, I wanted more than anything to hold on to some part of Ethan, even if I wasn’t permitted to wear it.

                “Tobin put in his pocket.” William said, still towering over us.

                I took a moment to take this in. My necklace that had become precious to me was in Tobin’s possession and he had gone, banished from my company for his selfishness. The likelihood that he would be back anytime soon was slim which meant the small part of Ethan was gone too.




                Two days passed before I was deemed fit enough to begin our journey onward. After forty eight hours holed up in Peter’s dank basement flat we were all ready to leave. It was getting too dangerous to stay here too. Demon’s had been sniffing around to see if they could gather further proof of my demise. Something that couldn’t be done of course. William and Peter had taken care of the threat quick enough but they couldn’t continue to do so. It was time for us to leave. None of us had mentioned Tobin since he had left, the other two avoiding him as a topic of conversation so not to upset me. I hadn’t even wanted to think about him. He had betrayed me and his selfishness persevered in the fact that he had taken away Ethan’s gift to me. The necklace that meant I could tell him that I was okay, that I wasn’t dead as he believed me to be.

                The three of us had a huge task in front of us now. We had three more elements to find and then there was my sister too. They could be in any dimension they wanted to be, I was just fortunate that I had an element on my side, after a lot of persuasion and a promise not to seduce him against his will again.

I also had William. I wasn’t sure how old he was exactly but he had racked up at least 500 years and that was experience not to be taken for granted. I was hoping that with their help I would have a good chance of succeeding in my task. Of course William had an ulterior motive to staying next to me but his reasons were good enough for me. It meant that he would protect me above all else because I was the only way he could get back his beloved.

We had no plan of action, at least not yet. Our first move was to get away from here, as far away as we could so that we could make a decision. I was praying that Peter would have some idea about where to begin our search for the elements. However when it came to my long lost twin sister it was going to take a lot more work. The only place I could think to start was with the person who had told me about her in the first place. Ethan. But going to him would no doubt mean my father would discover that I was indeed alive as he suspected. Finding my twin would have to be the last port of call for this adventure.

For the moment the three elements of Air, Water and Earth were what we had to focus on. From what Tobin had told me about them then the woman who processed the power of Earth, Mother nature would be the most illusive but also the most useful to us. She also knew my biological mother. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be as much of a disappointment than my biological father had been to me. I was betting that the other two would be a more practical starting place.

That evening the three of us gathered in the living room. The two guys had been treating me as if I were a fragile porcelain doll the past two days, scared I was going to have a break down at any moment if they said the wrong thing. I was glad to see that they were looking at me with approval as I came out of the bedroom.

Dressed in tight jeans and a form fitting t-shirt. My hair tied back in a high pony tail. I had on flat black boots that laced up with front. William had picked these up for me in preparation for us leaving. He had said that I needed to look and feel ready for battle because that was what was coming. When he had first said it I had half expected him to come back with armour or something leather. I had been relieved when I’d seen denim.

“Everybody ready then?” Peter asked looking between William and I who were both nodding. “Then let’s get this show on the road.” He said with a smile. William offered out his hands for the two of us to take. We did so without any hesitation. The next moment we were sucked up the familiar vacuum cleaner and we were gone, onwards to our next destination. 

The End

But please read a short author note below,





Please note that very shortly I will be removing this story as it breaches copy right as I attempt to get it published. However if you add me to your author favourites then the second book in this series (Ghostly Spirit) will be being uploaded for you to have a read before any one else very soon. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this novel and come back for the second in the series. 

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