Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


3. Chapter Three

 I was rudely awoken early the next day by a loud crashing on the front door. Tobin was instantly on his feet, golden hair dishevelled but fully alert, ready for an attack. My mind still clouded with the memory of sleep I found my dressing gown and threw it on.

“Careful Anna, what if its ...”

“Demons?” I asked cutting him off, he nodded, “Do you really think they’d knock?” I asked as I headed out the room and down the stairs. He followed behind me nonetheless. Through the distorted glass panes in the front door I saw what I recognized to be a police uniform.

Confused I opened the door. “Can I help you officers?” I asked, both men on the other side of my front door looked unhappy and sombre. A gruesome image flashed into my mind, a blood soaked body, with it came the stench of death and one word was attached. Murder.

“Good morning Miss, I’m PC Clark and this is my collegue PC Vander, can I ask, are you Anna Swift?” The taller of the two police men asked and I nodded.

“I am, how can I help you?” I asked reluctant to let them in, I was struggling to shake of the image in my head, it was all too real in my mind and it was making me feel sick.

“I’m afraid we have some questions to ask, may we come inside?” Clark asked and despite my reluctance I had no reason to deny them entrance to my home. I step aside and motioned for them to go into the front room.

I regretted this at once, the beautiful cream sofa was still covered in mud but they didn’t mention in, but they didn’t sit down either. “Can I offer you some tea?” I asked politely. Tobin was right behind me, watching the policemen closely.

“No thank you” Clark spoke for himself and his partner. “Can I ask if you knew Amelia Taylor?” He asked and I nodded. “Of course, we went to college together, we were out clubbing last night. Why?” I asked and the horrible sick feeling in my stomach grew.

“And what time did you and Miss Taylor part company?”

“Goodness, it was after midnight I’m sure, I can’t be positive though, my bag was stolen outside the club, it had my phone in it and I don’t wear a watch.” I explained to them.

“Did you report the crime?” Vander asked but I shook my head.

“No, not yet, I just wanted to get home last night, I didn’t have much in it to be worried about to be honest.” I said, “Can I ask why is it you’re here?”

“There was an incident last night, your friend Amelia was killed I’m afraid.” Clark said, his voice sombre.

“She’s dead?” I said, the image came into my mind again, this time lingering, I recognized the midnight blue halter top Amelia had been wearing the night before. I looked into Clark’s eyes and saw the look there, I couldn’t be certain but I was sure I was seeing what he had seen. I was catching glimpses of his memory.

“Was she with anyone last night?” Vander asked.

“When we arrived it was just the two of us but there were quite a few guys interested in her, I left early because she decided to go home with one of them.” I said trying desperately to push the image to the back of my mind and remember what had happened inside the club. This was a stretch considering how much had happened between then and now.

“Can you describe the man she said she was going home with?” Clark asked, his note book out and pen posed to write down whatever I said.

“Yes, he was tall, dark hair, olive skin, he had a bit of stubble on his chin and a tattoo on his arm, I think it was a dragon but it was dark so I’m not sure. Is that helpful?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Vander said as Clark finished writing down what I had told them.

“Can I ask how you knew to come here?” I asked curiously.

“Your name and address were in her contacts on her phone, you were the last person she called. We believe it was just before she was killed.” My knees buckled at this news, Tobin had to catch me and help me to the armchair across from the sofa so that I could sit down. If my bag hadn’t been stolen would I have been able to help her, could I have saved her? I tried not to think about it, I couldn’t change what had been done but the thoughts leaked through regardless.

I hardly realised that tears were streaming down my cheeks until Tobin handed me a tissue after showing the two policemen to the door and bidding them farewell. After they had told me that she had called me right before she died I hadn’t taken in anything else that they had said.

“They ripped her to pieces.” I said when Tobin and I were alone.

“What?” He asked with confusion.

“I saw it, or I thought that I did. When I answered the door and then again when they told me. I saw what he had seen, a dismembered body, covered in blood, I could smell what he had smelt, what’s happening to me?” I asked desperately, looking to Tobin, silently pleading with him to give me the answers that I needed.

“I told you, over the next few days powers you weren’t aware you had are going to start emerging. This must be one of them.” Tobin said.

“Why though? Why now?” I said feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

“Because of last night.” Tobin said with sadness to his voice, “You were protected as long as you didn’t come into physical contact with anything supernatural. It wouldn’t have been enough to just knock into you on the street. The goal last night wasn’t to awaken your powers though it was to viciously kill you and at the same time send a message to your father.”

“I’m guessing that you don’t mean the dad that died when I was in primary school.” I said feeling downhearted.

“No and the fact that they failed to kill you last night isn’t going to go over well, they are going to try again I guarantee it and that’s why we need to leave here as soon as possible.”

“I still don’t understand, why are they coming after me?”

“They’re coming after you because you were never meant to exist. You’re too powerful, or at least you’re going to be.”

“What do you mean I was never meant to exist?” I asked. Foregoing the flashes of other peoples memory for the moment and focused on what was happening and why it was happening.

“Your parents, your birth parents were never meant to reproduce, your mother is one of the three fates and your father is one of the agents of death.”

“That stuff all exists?” I said completely overwhelmed and not for the first time in the last few hours. “Can I expect a hobbit next or a house elf?” I said trying to make light of the situation but even my pathetic joke failed to impress.

“Hobbits and house elves are pretty much made up but they’re based on creatures that exist or used to exist. A lot of the old time mythical creatures have died out, very few remain today, not since the humans began to over populate the planet. The things that do still exist are those things that either relies on humans to survive and those that keep the natural order of the universe. The fates and the agents of death are part of that.”

“So what does that mean for me, what am I?” I asked dreading the answer.

“There isn’t a word for you, a child has never been produced from two mythical creatures as powerful as death and fate. So far death and fate cannot touch the demons, the reason they are so opposed to you is that they’re worried you could change that.” Tobin said and he looked so downhearted, I could sense that he was holding something back from me.

“What is it, what aren’t you telling me?” I asked him, I was on complete overload and I wasn’t sure how much more I was going to be able to take in but I wanted to know, I needed to know what was happening.

“Demons have an excellent sense of smell, it’s how they track.” He said and he didn’t need to say the rest. I didn’t need any flash of memory either to know what he meant. I had been with Amelia last night, we had danced together, I had hugged her goodbye before leaving to go home and told her to be careful. I knew exactly what Tobin meant when he told me that Demons used scent to track their prey.

Not only was Amelia dead but she was dead because of me. “They would have done that to me had you not intervened?” I asked and Tobin nodded mutely. I barely made it to the downstairs toilet before throwing up.

“I hate to say it but Amelia isn’t going to be the only casualty in this. I spoke to your father last night there is a war brewing, has been for a while but now they’ve found you, it isn’t going to be long before the Demons break away from the supernatural order and form one of their own.”

“What’s the supernatural order?”

“It supplies laws and rules, begrudgingly and for survival the Demons joined eons ago but there have been rumblings that the more powerful Demons don’t like being tamed. Killing humans is punishable by death by the S.O. If they break away and challenge the S.O then a lot of people are going to die. When I spoke to your dad he told me that they don’t want to break away until you are dead. Because they failed last night and awakened your powers the next attempt is going to be more savage than the last. They aren’t going to stop until you’re dead.”

“Amelia was just an innocent bystander, she didn’t know any of this.” I said collapsing onto the cold stone floor, not bothering to get up. The sour taste of bile still in my throat and the smell lingered in the room. I couldn’t trust myself not to throw up again so I stayed put absorbing the new information. “What do we do now?” I asked.

Tobin looked positively shocked at what I had said, “We need to keep moving, I was told not to bring you into our world until your powers have developed a little more, you need to be able to survive and defend yourself. Otherwise you aren’t going to last long.”

“So where do we go, what do we do?” I said, asking again because he hadn’t really answered my question the first time around.

“I need to help you awaken the powers that are a bit more difficult to master. However we can’t do it here. You need to get dressed and we need to leave.” He said and without another word he had grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. We were inches apart but before I could register the fact that his hard body was pressed up against mine he had turned and was pulling me up the stairs toward my room.

Once there he fished out a back pack from my wardrobe, the prospect of needing extra clothes because we wouldn’t be coming back was not a comforting thought. I did as he asked with no resistance. Wriggling into my size ten jeans and pulling on one of my favourite t-shirts that had the worlds ‘little miss giggles” embroidered across the front. Tobin advised me not to wear heels in case we needed to run and I was all to happy to oblige, pulling on my well worn trainers.

“So where are we going and how are we getting there?” I asked when I was done dressing and packing. I’d foregone make up and pulled my long hair back into a pony tail so it wouldn’t be in the way. I didn’t think I would need to look very glamorous for this.

“We’ll use public transport, harder for demons to track us that way, I hope you’re ready for this sweetheart because it isn’t going to be easy.” I smiled at the use of his pet name for me, it was nice, no one had ever had a cute pet name for me before.

“I don’t reckon that I have a choice really.” I said truthfully.

“I only wish you did.” He said and before I could question what he meant we were leaving. I didn’t even get a chance to take a last glimpse at the house that I doubted I’d ever see again.


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