Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


13. Chapter Thirteen

*~* Chapter Thirteen *~*


The instant his lips touched mine I felt his mind and heart leak into mine, the undeniable lust almost made me give in to him but I regained myself and my own emotions and pushed him back, tearing my lips away from his. I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed Ethan’s company and he too had intervened when Cain had approached me in the park but just as with Tobin I felt as if too much was happening and I didn’t have the brain capacity left to deal with my emotions towards these men who were overly keen to seduce me and win my affections.

It had been bad enough that I’d never been in a relationship lasting longer than a handful of days before now but  when I finally found men that I could click with and thought that I could care about there was so much going on and more stigma attached to each kiss I shared that it almost wasn’t worth the pain.

“I feel as if I must apologise for my actions, it was foolish of me to kiss you.” Ethan said taking a step back from me and to his credit he looked sheepish and couldn’t meet my eyes.

“You have nothing to apologise for, I just need some space. I need to be able to get my head around everything. It’s been days and I the one person who helped me from the very start of this ordeal is now gone. I still can’t control half the powers I have and to be honest I’m just plain terrified because most of the supernatural world, which I didn’t even know existed until a few days ago, now want me dead.”

“I can’t image what you are going through, I can assure you however that the space you need you will find here. No one will disturb you. I have other Vampire’s living here but they have been told not to disturb you on my orders. You can have as much time as you need and I know of a specialist tutor who can help you with your gifts.”


“Thank you, if I’m going to be at the centre of a war I’m guessing I’m going to need to know how to turn my abilities on and off.” I said with a slight smile, though my grin was simply a cover for how I really felt. My insides were writing in horror at the prospect of going to war. It seemed so unreal somehow, such a fantasy from the life I had led before this.

“May I ask you one question Anna?” Ethan asked, I nodded my head. “Do you think you could one day return my affection for you?”

“Would it even be allowed?”

This time it was Ethan’s turn to smile. “Your father has no quarrel with me. If you were to choose me then he would not stand against it. He will never allow you to be with Tobin, he wants more for you than that.”

“He wants more for me?” I asked with confusion happily dodging the question, “What do you mean?”

“It is complicated, I will explain it all to you during your stay here, in the meantime allow me to show you to your room. I will have food sent up to you this evening; I imagine that you are tired.”





My room was nice enough, not really to my taste but it was comfortable. A four poster cherry wood bed with pure white sheets and pillows, the wood of the bed matched the furniture and I even had my own en-suite shower room. It felt more like a hotel room than anything else. I wanted to shower and change but somewhere between my argument with Tobin, keep kidnapped by a demon and being rescued my backpack had been lost.

I hadn’t had anything in there that had been meaningful but it was still a huge loss to me. It was the last small thing I had that connected me to my old life. I felt as if I might cry, which was silly over a backpack of clothes. I sat myself down on the bed feeling very sorry for myself.

I kicked off my trainers which at the start of this had been looking a little shabby but now they looked as if they might not last another week. Even my jeans that had had nothing wrong with them upon embarking on this whirlwind adventure were dirty, torn and in desperate of a wash.

There was a knock on the door, when it opened a young girl entered. She carried a small weekend bag and two fluffy white towels. She looked so small and so young. Her dark blonde hair was in pigtails. Her face was round and I would have guessed that she couldn’t have been older than thirteen but by the radiant glow of her skin I knew she was a vampire.

“Ethereal thought you might like some clothes and to clean up.” She said placing the bag and towels next to me on the bed.

“Thank you” I said trying not to stare at her.


“He has also asked me to be a friend and help you with whatever you need if he isn’t here to do so himself.” She said to me, she didn’t sound overly keen on this.


“Thanks, I guess.” I said picking up on the resentment in her voice. 

“The longer you’re here the more danger we’re in. The sooner you die the easier it’ll be on the rest of us.” She said venomously. “You’re only here because Ethereal has feelings for you but that isn’t going to save you forever.”

“I’m sorry you feel like that but I don’t know what you expect me to do.” I snapped back, I was at the end of my tether and she was pushing all the wrong buttons right now. I was dirty, tired and beyond feed up.

“I expect you to leave here, Ethereal can’t force you stay, just leave. Let the demons kill you or just keep running from them, they’re going to start a war either way, the way I see it the sooner you’re out of the way the better.”

“I didn’t ask for any of this you know, I didn’t want to be in the middle of some war and I certainly didn’t want any of the powers I have but shit happens and I don’t want to die, I’m going to do everything I can to stay alive whether you like it or not.” I snapped at her and she just glared at me.

“Then you’d better watch your back because more people want you dead than alive.” She said before turning around and storming fairly dramatically out of the room. Even with my shields firmly in place my head was throbbing.

Turning to the bag that the bitchy vampire had brought up to me I began rifling through it to see what kind of things Ethan had given me. I had to say he had good taste in clothing. All of it was designer branded and all of it was in the correct size. I would never even have dreamed about affording this before, it was truly exquisite, or at least as exquisite as t-shirt and jeans can get. He had even included a set of pyjamas and several underwear sets. I’d never before owned a matching set of undergarments, let alone ones as frilly, lacy and sexy as these but they weren’t distasteful so I didn’t disregard them. 

It was getting dark outside, the sun steadily sinking lower in the sky casting shades of orange and pink across the darkening

sky. I grabbed a pair of pyjamas and headed for the bathroom. Grateful that I could finally shower and change into a set of clean clothes. I washed my hair and shaved my legs and I actually felt more human for it in the end, though I almost laughed at the phrase because I wasn’t really human at all.

Upon leaving the bathroom, still towel drying my hair Ethan was waiting for me in my room. He had sat himself in the armchair in the corner of the room and was perched there remaining perfectly still, just waiting. When he saw me he was suddenly reanimated, a smile stretching across his face.

“Is everything to your liking?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said wishing that there had been a dressing gown included in the bag of clothes. It was the height of English summer time so my pyjamas were thin shorts and a tank top that was cut fairly low for pyjamas. I was overly aware of his attraction for me already and didn’t want to lead him on as I wasn’t sure I felt anything in return.

“If there is anything else you need don’t hesitate to tell me or Amy.”

“Who’s Amy?” I asked with confusion.

“The vampire who brought you your things, I asked her to introduce herself.” Now it was Ethan’s turn to be confused. Clearly he wasn’t used to his orders being disobeyed.

“She was a little busy telling me to leave and die.” I said sinking on to the bed, the mattress was soft and bouncy beneath the thick, fluffy duvet. I was looking forward to having a lengthy sleep in this bed. Not even my bed at home came close to being this comfortable.

Ethan however looked positively enraged at what I had said. His face was stern and there was a look of fury in his eyes. “She is one of my eldest children, I did not expect this from her.” He said simply, “I will be having words with her.” He said standing up as if preparing to go and have those words right now, so not to let the anger he felt subside in any way.

“Ethan, wait.” I said, my bitterness towards Amy’s unwelcome words had made me speak out against her when I probably should have kept it to myself and dealt with it in my own way. After all I wasn’t a defenceless little girl anymore. “I want to ask you something.” I said in hopes of distracting him.

“You can ask me anything, I will endeavour never to lie to you Anna.” I smiled at his response, the way he spoke made me laugh sometimes, only because his wording made me realise that he really wasn’t from this time.

“When Tobin took me to stay with Peter, he was evil. He had creatures, his creatures that he was using to please himself sexually, he wanted me in that way as well. He said awful things, he made it clear he was siding with the demons. I don’t understand why he helped me tonight, why he helped you.”

“It is a very long story, possibly one that can wait for another time, it is not a suitable tale to be told before bed.” Ethan said. “Please, I want to know.” I said determined to hear what he had to say now I was aware that there was a story to hear. “Very well” Ethan said with a sigh of defeat, “Back when I was a human man I was married to one of the most powerful witches of her generation. We had married for love and although we had little money we were happy because we had each other. We had only one problem, she wanted children and I knew what would happen if she conceived, you see when I was a living breathing man I was the Spirit element.”

“But that’s what Peter is. I thought that there could only be one Spirit alive at any given time.” I said trying to work it out in my mind.

“You are right, I knew this and when we discovered that Isabella, my wife, was with child I told her what was to happen before or during the birth. She did not take it well. She attempted to kill the child still growing in her belly but the child was strong and survived. Still unsatisfied she sought out the help of a Vampire. He stayed with us until the night her labour started.” Ethan paused for a moment, a pensive look in his eyes as if her were reliving it inside of his head. “As the child was born death came to claim my soul but as he did the Vampire began to turn me.”

“She tried to save you.” I said in disbelief.

“She tried but as it was to turn out her efforts were to be in vain. You see an order of balance has to be maintained at all times. Death had come to claim a soul and a soul he would take. However as a vampire he couldn’t touch mine and my son was now the Spirit element.”

“He took her soul didn’t he?”

“Yes, she paid the price for trying to save my life. As a new vampire I could not take care of my own needs and take care of my son so I sent him away to be raised. However I was unaware of the damage that had been caused to him during the attempts to abort him while still in the womb. Something wasn’t right about his nature, it was as if he knew. From early childhood it was clear that the darker side of existence was what attracted him but he was still my son. When I called on him this evening to help he did so begrudgingly. He knows better than to pick a fight with me.”

“I still can’t believe that he’s your son.”

“Sometimes I cannot believe it either. I did attempt to distract him from the darker side of our world by introducing him to Tobin however not even a friend as dedicated to protecting the light in the world as Tobin could side track Peter.” Ethan said and there was sadness to his voice.

“Why is he so keen to return the world back to medieval times? I can understand why demons would like it but what appeal does it have for Peter?”

“The appeal to Peter is death. He is fascinated with it, I know you have seen some of his creatures. He is a very morbid young man and raising young women from the dead has always been a hobby for him. Imagine how much death there would be if the demon’s won and the seven deadly sins gained control?”

“The seven sins are people?”

“Yes, they are a band of brothers. Not people that you want to cross paths with. They have the demon’s backing them and that makes them powerful and strong but we have the elements, at least a few of them and that should be enough to stop them.”

“So where do I come into this?” I asked, my head was all in a muddle and it was difficult to make out all the various different roles everyone had to play and I was desperate to know how I had managed to fit into this mess.

“Death and Fate broke the rules when they conceived you. That is why you were hidden away in the human world. They cannot touch the demons as the demons live outside of the laws that death and fate create but a child spawned from each scares the demons, they want you out of the way so that they have no one to fear when the war begins.”

“When you say war you don’t mean epic lord of the rings style do you because I don’t think I could cope with that.” Ethan laughed at me, smiling fondly at me.

“No, it won’t be anything like that.” He said, “Besides there is more pieces to the puzzle to slot into place now we have you here.”

“What other pieces?” I asked curiously.

“You are not at your most powerful yet Anna, you see there is another half to you out there somewhere, we just have to find it.”

“What do you mean another half of me?” I asked and now I was even more confused than I had been five minutes ago when trying to figure out my role in the war.

“You weren’t born an only child, you have a twin sister but she isn’t just a regular twin, she’s a mirror twin.”



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