Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


19. Chapter Nineteen


*~* Chapter Nineteen *~*


When morning dawned the house was a hive of activity. I had fallen asleep cuddled up with Ethan on the poorly named comfy chair, which unsurprisingly was even more uncomfortable for two than it had been for one.


I was woken rather abruptly when Amy came into the office giving me a look of distaste but quickly informing Ethan that Finley had been deemed healthy enough to be questioned regarding my accusation that he had been involved in Amelia’s murder. A serious accusation considering the S.O had forbid the killing of humans and this crime was punishable by death or equivalent for an immortal being. For me it also meant that I had to find an opportunity to divulge the information I had discovered when I’d forced my way into Finley’s head to Ethan, who still had no idea that I had done it.


After a quick shower and a change of clothes I felt refreshed and ready to face the world. Tobin was still resting in my bed, despite my efforts to heal him the previous evening he was still weak. He made a feeble joke about joining me in the shower but he didn’t have the energy to even pretend to follow through on it. A good thing considering that I was sure if he had been at full health then he would have tried.


I was more than ready to find out what had happened that night in the club with Amelia. I needed to find out some answers because the guilt over what had happened weighed down on me heavily. The constant question going round in my mind, could I have done more to save her?


Just as everyone relevant to the questioning was beginning to gather in the sitting room I saw my chance and pulled Ethan to one side, out of earshot of the others.


“I need to talk to you before we go in there.” I said quietly.


“”What is it love?” He asked in return, a look of concern on his face.


“The morning after I hurt Finley, I went to see him.” I admitted. “It was before Tobin arrived and I knew he was weak, I wanted to get inside his head, when I first saw him and I tried he managed to shut me out somehow. I took the opportunity that was presented to me.” I said speaking so fast I was surprised that he was managing to keep up. “He lured her into a trap and then watched four demons rip her apart. I couldn’t find out anymore, I couldn’t stomach watching it but he was there that night, he did play a part in her death!”


“Slow down Anna, please. I need to understand this. You went to him after you injured him and ventured into his mind.”


“Yes!” I said.


“You were so certain of distrusting him that you took advantage of his weakened state?”


“I needed to know. Amelia died because of me. I just wanted to know how she died and who was responsible.” I explained.


“Why Anna, do you seek revenge or some form of justice for what was done to her because if you do then I must warn you that you may never get it.” He said carefully, there was sadness in his voice that I could almost certainly place as pity.


“I don’t care about revenge, I just need closure, she was my best friend, we’d known each other years, we went to college together. The police told me that before she died she tried to call me but my phone was stolen that night along with my bag. I just feel if I could have done something for her.”


“You cannot carry that guilt around with you Anna. Things like that will eat away at you. If Finley is involved then he will be punished but you need to realise that you couldn’t have done anything to save her.”


As he had spoken to me my mind was working on overdrive thinking about what I had seen in Finley’s mind and something didn’t fit. “Wait” I said as realisation dawned on me. “She didn’t call me. I watched it happen in his mind, it happened so quickly that she didn’t even have a chance to scream let alone call me.”


“Who told you that she had called you?” He asked.


“The police that came to my house. They came to ask me some questions and inform me of her death. They said that I had been the last person she had called and my details had been in her phone. That was how they had found me.”


“If a call was made, it wasn’t done my Amelia.” Ethan concluded.


“I need to get back into his head, I need to find out more!” I said with desperation but Ethan shook his head.


“You can’t. If he was strong enough to put up a block to keep you out then if he is forced to let you in again I guarantee that he’ll be mentally strong enough to change the memory. He could have already done so.”


“Then what can we do?” I asked.


“Let the guilt go. There was clearly nothing that could have been done on your part to save your friend. At least we know now that Finley can’t be trusted.”


“And Lucas by default surely.” I added.


“How did you come to that conclusion?”


“He wasn’t exactly leaping on the accusations about Finley being a killer.”


“You didn’t exactly give him a chance before you set fire to Finley Anna, let’s see how it turns out today and we can go from there.” Ethan suggested and I nodded in defeat.




Lucas, Finley, Ethan, Axel and myself were the only permitted in the sitting room during the questioning. The other occupants of the house had been forbidden from even eavesdropping on the rather informal questioning.


It was a very casual affair, Finley was sat in the centre of the room on a wooden chair that had been moved in from the dining room. Ethan and I were the last to be seated. Lucas gave us a rather disapproving look as we entered.


Finley didn’t even bother to acknowledge me. I thought that there might have been some glaring at least if not a snide remark but there was nothing. It was difficult to control my anger towards him, knowing what I did and seeing him sitting there so calm was enough to make the most level headed person enraged.


Lucas was the only one who remanded standing out of all of us. I had to grip Ethan’s hand with full strength to keep control of myself as Finley made eye contact with me and smiled. I wanted to leap at him, lash out for all I was worth but I took a deep breath and reigned in my temper.


“We are gathered here today to question Finley over the accusation that he killed a woman.” Lucas began. “The accusation is made by Anna, who claims to have seen you with the deceased on the night she died. What is your answer to this?”


“My answer is that Anna must have been mistaken. I wasn’t at the night club and I don’t know the friend of whom she speaks.” He said and that was the final straw, I couldn't just sit here and listen to his lies.


“You liar!” I said standing up. “He lured her outside and then stood back and watched four demons rip her apart.”


“And what proof do you have of this?” Lucas asked, “Did you witness this?”


“Not on the night but I accessed his memories, I saw him do it.”


“So it is your word against his, if there is no other proof than that then there isn’t much that can be done.” Lucas said but he didn’t sound as if he was very sorry about this outcome. It certainly backed up my theory that Lucas was somehow involved in it all, I just couldn’t figure out how or why.


Amelia had been human, I couldn’t see any advantage to her being dead. I couldn’t believe that Finley was going to get away with this when I knew that he was guilty.


“He might not  have actually killed her but he lured her to the demons that did! You can’t just let him get away with that!” I said trying not to raise my voice, a difficult task considering how angry I was becoming.


“I have no choice. There is no evidence other than your word. Unless you can take us into his mind and show us the so called memory that you saw then there is no evidence and therefore I will have to dismiss the accusations.”


“I’ve never tried to do that before, I don’t know if I could take someone with me even if I wanted to. Beside’s he was able to block me out once, who’s to say he hasn’t changed his own memory already?”


“In that case I move to dismiss the accusations due to lack of evidence.” Lucas said with a tone of finality in his voice. I couldn’t believe that this was it, this was the questioning that Finley had had to endure. I was so enraged by the injustice of it all.


“May I say that I hold no grudges over this.” Finley said staring at me, “If possible I would like to start again where Anna is concerned, especially given the circumstances.”


“What circumstances?” I demanded.


“I suppose now is just as good a time as any.” Lucas said, “Especially if Anna can accept that this is all water under the bridge and put the accusations behind us and move forward.”


“No, I won’t put them behind me, I know what he did, I’m not going to forget that.” I said stubbornly.


“You may feel differently after the two of you are married.” Lucas said with a smile, “I have decided that Finley is a good match for you, he will be able to protect you should you need it and the two of you will bare powerful children too. It is a good match.” At this Ethan too stood up but more in shock than anything else. Even Axel had a look of surprise on his face, clearly no one had been expecting this.


“No.” I said at once, “I’m not marrying him and you can’t make me! I don’t care how powerful he is or how good a match we make, he’s a murderer. I want to be with Ethan, he’s who I’ve chosen, you have no right to interfere with who I’m in a relationship with.”


“The same Ethan that is already married.” Lucas said, “From what I have heard his wife is returning shortly. I cannot see how he can be a good match for you at all. No, I think that you and Finley will make a fine pair. Oh and before you object any further it will do no good. I am your father and as such, I get a say in who you marry, it is my decision that you should marry Finley. You must respect my decision.”


“Like hell I will!” I snapped at him before storming out of the room, just to show him exactly how pissed off I was I slammed the door behind me. It wasn’t just the fact that my so called father was forcing a murdering bastard to be my husband, though that was a huge part of it, but it was also the fact that Ethan didn’t say anything.  


I didn’t care what Lucas said I wasn’t going to marry Finley willingly. I would do whatever it took to not marry him. I headed straight for my room and began to gather something’s together. All I could think about was leaving this place and getting as far away from Lucas and from Finley.


“What are you doing?” Tobin asked as he was roused from sleep by the noise I was making as I charged around my room trying to make myself feel as if I was achieving something.


“I have to get out of here!” I said, “Lucas wants me to marry Finley!” I said in a rage, every fibre of my being was going into harnessing my fire power so that it didn’t get out of control like last time.


“I take it the questioning didn’t go too well then.” He said as he pulled himself up into a sitting position winching slightly as he did.


“No, apparently having no evidence, just my word that he did it, isn’t enough. Though apparently having a murderer for a husband is acceptable.” I said, my thoughts were jumbled and I knew I was ranting as I threw a mix of clothing onto the bed before realising I had no back pack to put them in, this realisation only made me more frustrated.


My bedroom door opened and Ethan came in looking harassed. As soon as the door was closed again I turned on him in fury. “What the hell happened Ethan, Lucas stands there telling me I’m going to be married to Finley and you don’t say anything!” I shouted.


“I told you Anna, he has the law on his side in this matter. There isn’t anything I can do. If your father wishes you to marry Finley then there isn’t anything I can do to prevent it.” He said trying to be rational but I was way beyond the point of listening to rational.


“Then we’ll leave, he can’t make me marry him if I’m not here. We can leave together, the two of us.” I said hopefully, looking at Ethan, expecting him to jump at the idea but instead he was looking at me with a sadness in his blue eyes.


“With Catherine on her way here and everything else that is going on I cannot leave here. I’m sorry Anna, as much as I care for you I cannot just run away from here and you doing so isn’t going to make matters any better. If you leave this place then you will be in danger.”


“I don’t care anymore. I’m not staying here to be forced into marrying him!” I said furiously.


“Let me talk to your father, stay here one more night at least, we shall see if we can reason with him. Please Anna.” He said placing his hands on my shoulders and looking me directly in the eye. I took a deep breath and glared right back at him.


“Fine, one night but I swear if he gets a white dress out I’m out of here.” I warned him and he smiled at me and nodded. He gave me a brief kiss before leaving the room, I assumed that it was to talk to Lucas. If I’d been calmer then I might have followed him but I wasn’t in the frame of mind to face him.


“No offense sweetheart but your boyfriends a dick!” Tobin said and he actually made me laugh. Right now I had to agree with him. “Where will you go if you leave?” He asked me, I just shrugged, sinking down onto the bed feeling deflated as my rage left me. “I know your dad fairly well, Ethan won’t be able to change his mind.”


“I can’t stay here can I?”


“Not if you want to stay single.” Tobin said.


“Will you come with me if I leave?” I asked him and Tobin smiled.


“I’d only slow you down Anna, once I’m back up to full strength I’ll find you. You just need to make sure you stay safe. That day I took you round the underground the demons tracking you to kill you lost the scent. They’ve got no idea where you are.”


“But I thought Peter was in league with them and what about all the demon attacks that have happened since then?” I asked in confusion.


“The demons that attacked us weren’t going to kill you, they knew about the telepathy you cloned from a demon and were trying to scare you. They all worked for William though, they would have just taken you to him. As for Peter, I don’t know, but he didn’t give away your position, I know he wants the war but I don’t think he’s that heartless to have you killed.”


“You know he came and rescued me.” I said, “When William had me locked in his basement. Ethan couldn’t enter the house so Peter came in to get me instead.”


“Peter is certainly a piece of work but I don’t think he’s entirely evil, at least not yet.” Tobin said and I smiled at him. It wasn’t even lunch time and I felt utterly drained.




I stayed in my room with Tobin for the rest of the day. Amy reluctantly brought up a train of food for Tobin and I but she didn’t say a word to either of us. Once she had left Tobin explained that Amy was friends with Sky, which explained a lot to me.


When the house began to fall silent, long after the sun had set for the day I decided that I should go and find Ethan to discover if any progress had been made with Lucas. I doubted there would be anything good to report as I was guessing he would have sought me out to tell me but I wanted to talk to him. He needed to know how much I didn’t want to marry Finley.


Tobin had fallen asleep, still not at full strength I didn’t blame him, he clearly needed the rest. I tried to listen to the rest of the house, concentrating on nothing else and found that most of the occupants were either out, asleep or in their rooms.


Quietly I left my room and began to work my way through the house towards Ethan’s study where I knew he would be. However when I got there the door had been closed over so that it was only slightly ajar. Inside I could hear Ethan and he was talking to someone, clearly a female voice.


“It’s really good to see you Catherine.” I heard him say, I froze in place, not making a sound for fear of being discovered.


“And you Ethereal. I must admit that I am shocked that you summoned me back. I must say though it was a nice surprise.” She said, her voice sweet and flirtatious. “Rumour has it you have found a human who demands your complete devotion, is this true?” She asked.


“It is true.” I heard him reply.


“Do you love her?”


“I do.”


“As much as you love me, desire me, crave me?” She said. I slowly and carefully adjusted my position so that I could look through the thin line of space where the door joined to the frame. It was difficult to make out but from what I could see Catherine was pressing herself against Ethan, his hands were on her hips.


Jealously welled up inside me at the sight of the two of them together. Catherine didn’t wait for Ethan’s answer, her lips met his and I had had enough. Without a care about being quiet I turned on my heel and headed directly for the front door. With no shoes on, no jacket  and no spare clothes I began to run and I didn’t stop and I didn’t look back. 


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