Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


5. Chapter Five

Finally emerging from the underground I hadn’t even cared to notice the station we had disembarked from. We had seen so many on our travels that they were all starting to look the same. I was surprised to note that it was late afternoon and we were in the middle of the city. It was pleasantly warm until the wind blew and made my skin pimple with the chill of it. “Peter, one of the five elements, controller of the dead and their spirits lives in London?” I asked with scepticism. Even though I had taken in everything that Tobin had told me while travelling the extensive London Tube network I was still a little doubtful.

“Peter and I are the only elements that have settled in any world, we just both chose this one.” Tobin explained to me. “Why this world if there are so many to choose from?” I was still grasping at knowledge and piecing together everything I had been told but I wasn’t sure that I would pick this world if I had been given a choice, though I hadn’t seen the others I couldn’t image that they would be worse than this.

“The other worlds are pretty dire, most of them anyway and those that aren’t don’t have the same pleasures as this world holds.”

“What do you mean by pleasures?” I asked though I thought that I could have guessed what the answer might be. “Sex, drugs and alcohol.” Tobin answered simply.

“I don’t know an awful lot about any of that.” I said as we walked. Tobin stopped, turned to me and gave me an odd look but without saying a word he shook his head and continued walking. “So where are we going?” I asked, ignoring the fact that he seemed surprised that I rarely drank anything, had never done drugs and the closest thing to a sexual encounter I had experienced was my almost rape the night I had met him.

“Peter has a set up not far from here, now just a warning, he may be one of the elements but he doesn’t publicise that fact. Don’t mention that you know, in fact the less he notices you the better. He may be a friend to me but there is no telling how he would react to you. He presents himself as a necromancer so no one suspects he’s a lot more powerful than that.”

“What’s a necromancer?” I asked feeling a little foolish for having to ask.

“A necromancer is someone who can raise the dead.” Tobin said to me.

“As in Zombies?”

“A close approximation to Zombies, yes.”

“Like Dawn of the Dead style, flesh eating Zombies?”

“Where do you think Romero got all his ideas? He wasn’t a necromancer but rumour has it his Uncle was. Though rumours aren’t always believable. At one point I heard a whisper that Rowling was actually Rita Skeeter and the Harry Potter world was real! I doubt even the most gullible believed that. Though the rumour did reach the human world, it spread so far.”

“Seriously?” I asked in amazement, suddenly fascinated. 

“Oh yeah, ninety percent of the horror and fantasy movies out there are all based on reality. The shit ones are usually the ones from the film maker’s imagination alone.”

“That’s a little fucked up, especially seeing as no one has realised it yet.”

“You’re right, it is but still if Peter has any of his creatures out when we get there keep away from them, they like to bite. You won’t turn into a Zombie yourself but they can take a chunk clean out of you with no problem.” Tobin warned me and I took down a mental note to stay well away from the creatures if I saw any.

  “If it’s really so dangerous, remind me again why we’re going there?”

“Because the demons never would. I’m hoping that they would have lost us by now. The stench of the underground might have confused them enough but either way we have to go somewhere they wouldn’t think to look for us and even if they did suspect us of being there they don’t mess with the walking dead.”

“I still don’t like this.”

“Neither do I but I don’t know what other choice we have, not until your gifts have developed a bit more. I’m no expert but if I can help you then I will.” He said, I smiled at him gratefully.

After walking for several more minutes we came to a stop in the middle of a high street. There were shops, take away places and everything you would usually find in every high street in the country. We had stopped at a door which had been painted back but the paint was flaking badly. It had a number nine in rusting metal letters above the knocker.

“This is it.” Tobin said, “Are you ready for this?” He asked and I nodded after taking a deep breath. So far I had seen very little of the supernatural world. Tobin had told me a lot and I had accepted it with few questions but now I was going to see some of it first hand and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for it.

Foolishly I thought back, wondering if I had just taken the long route home would I be at home right now watching a film and enjoying my life and be none the wiser to any of the supernatural creatures that were now crawling into my life. Of course I wouldn’t know Tobin but I was beginning to question whether the one good element of everything that had happened was worth all the bad, including Amelia’s death.

“Let’s do it.” I said taking Tobin’s hand when he offered it to me. His hand was warm as his fingers intertwined with mine, as our skin had made contact I had felt what he felt, a wave of lust that intensified as it clashed with mine. I smiled at him unsteadily to hide what I had just felt. This was going to be problematic if I felt this every time we made contact.

Tobin knocked on the door with his free hand, only as he did this did I noticed the small, concealed camera pointed directly at us. The door buzzed and Tobin was able to push the door open. Before us was a dimly lit stairwell that led down. It was poorly decorated with peeling wall paper and concrete steps.

The smell was beyond atrocious. Rotting meat combined with the musty smell of damp and mould hit me as we took our first step towards our decent. I had an ominous feeling about whatever was lurking down there. I understood now why demons wouldn’t go near this place because  right now I didn’t want to go down there either.

However, trusting Tobin I allowed him to lead me down. The steps were narrow and he had to go first with me following close behind. When the front door was closed the light seemed even less and several times I had to grasp at Tobin’s shoulders to stop myself from tumbling down.

“You okay sweetheart?” He asked as we reached the bottom and I nodded somewhat uncertainly. Looking around we had ended up in a large room that was set out as a living room, quite a cosy one by all accounts, all that was missing was the fireplace and the roaring fire.

Several closed doors led off from this room and from one a man was emerging. Behind him I could hear a rattle and clink of metal chains but he closed the door behind him before I could see anything of the room he had just exited. The man in question was tall and despite his unnaturally white hair looked relatively young. He wasn’t as muscled as Tobin, if anything he was quite slight but still felt rather imposing as he approached us, ignoring Tobin and giving me the once over.

“What can I do for you Tobin, it’s been years.” He said in a soft drawling voice, his eyes still sweeping over me making me feel uncomfortable. I took Tobin’s hand again and edged closer to him.

“Just a visit.” Tobin said, I knew he had noticed that Peter’s full attention was on me and he didn’t like it.

“I highly doubt that, you can’t lie to me little Toby. Who’s your friend?” He asked.

“My girlfriend, Anna.” Tobin replied.

“I can see why you claimed her, she is delightful, and, if I’m not mistaken” Peter leaned forward and inhaled through his nose, “A virgin too, she is a true prize.”

I had to take a deep breath and close my eyes to stop from reacting as a flash of his memory entered my unwilling mind. I could see him thinking about having sex with me, and it wasn’t regular sex either. Bondage was this guys big turn on but I tried not to react remembering Tobin’s warning about not exposing too much about myself to this man.

“Leave her!” Tobin said in a growl of warning and Peter instantly backed up, he was grinning in delight. It was a smile that unnerved me as he undressed me with his eyes. “We’re here because we need shelter will you allow us this or shall we leave?”

“If you’re here for shelter the only thing you could be sheltering from are demons. Now why do you need to steer clear from demons little Toby? Or perhaps it is the delightful Anna that needs to be hidden.”

“You don’t need to know the reasons behind it Peter, will you grant us shelter or not?” Tobin demanded and Peter nodded with delight.

“Of course, how could I deny my little friend Toby protection, especially when he has such a beautiful girl on his arm.” Peter said jeeringly, positively glowing with glee at the fact he was enraging Tobin with his comments.

“You had better keep your hands and eyes to yourself Peter or your little creation in there” He motioned to the room Peter had left when coming to greet us, “will go up in flames.” Tobin warned and Peter instantly scowled.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“I would and you know it.”

“His creation?” I asked curiously as the two men had a testosterone fuelled glaring match. Peter’s stern glare transformed itself into a smile of pure delight at my question.

The look that Tobin was giving me told me I should never had asked as Peter disappeared back into the room he had come from before remerging with some company. The woman he brought with him had pale skin with a green tint to it. Her hair had once been a bright auburn but was now caked with dirt and unkempt as if it hadn’t seen a hair brush in months. She was shorter than Peter and he had chained her feet and wrists together.

My breath caught in my throat, she was the most horrendous creature I had ever seen, it was difficult to believe that she had ever been human, the smell coming off her was one of decay and rotting flesh. I had to cover my nose and mouth with my hand to keep from vomiting the smell was so intense.

“Isn’t she magnificent?” Peter said with such pride in his voice, he sounded like a child who had just learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers.

“That’s horrid!” I said, the creature groaned, her chained hands reaching out towards us but even before she could edge towards us Peter reined her back in with a tug on the chain around her neck which I hadn’t noticed before.

“I thought you had control of them!” Tobin snapped at Peter who scowled at the question and then ignored it. “She isn’t horrid, she is one of my finest creations. Dead only three days before I raised her.” Peter said with pride, looking her over with the same lustful look that he had given me when I had first come in the room. Something that unnerved me even more than seeing the creature itself.

“Put it away Peter, unless you want to see her go up in flames, put her away.” Tobin said with warning in his voice.

“Okay, okay, I’ll put her away.” Peter said somewhat begrudgingly. “No need to get your knickers in a twist.

As Peter led the dead and yet still walking woman back into her room I turned my head away, unable to look at it anymore. The way she walked, slow and unsteady almost as if she were in constant pain, I couldn’t stand it. I buried my head into Tobin’s side and felt his hand stroking my hair.

I was desperately wishing that he hadn’t brought me here, that he had thought of some other place for us to hide for a while. From the moment I had set my eyes on Peter I had disliked him but as each minute ticked on I loathed him even more. No one should have the power to make anyone suffer beyond the grave.

I wasn’t religious in any way but dead was dead and there shouldn’t have been any coming back from that. What Peter was capable of was pure evil, there were no other words to describe it. I could only hope that after I died, in many years from now with any luck, that I wouldn’t have the misfortune of being brought back by the likes of Peter. 

The poor woman didn’t have an active mind to read and it was unfortunate I couldn’t keep out the thoughts of Peter too. What got to me was the fact that he used to woman as a sex slave. The chains were to make sure she didn’t attack him during their escapades. The thought of it made me sick to my stomach and I couldn’t think of any reason that Tobin would be friends with him.


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