Phoenix Fire

A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist.
Army's will rise to destroy her before she becomes aware of the powers that lie dormant inside of her.

Anna Swift just doesn't know what she's about to stumble into when she is attacked after a night out clubbing.


18. Chapter Eighteen


*~* Chapter Eighteen *~*


It didn’t last long. Maybe a second passed us by before we were torn apart. Ethan looked utterly furious not just at Tobin but at me as well, the anger was like a heat radiating off him, for a moment I thought that it was to be unleashed on me but at the last moment his attention switched to Tobin and then he pounced.


Axel must have seen trouble brewing because he was by my side before they hit the floor and the first punch was thrown. The speed in which they moved was extraordinary, it was speed I expected from Ethan but not from Tobin who had clearly been holding back on me. He hadn’t told me that he knew how to fight.


“Are you going to stop them?” I asked Axel in a panic. I knew that Tobin couldn’t die but all it took was for Tobin to set him alight and it would all be over.


“I think it is best if I don’t.” He said.


“Why?” I demanded as more punches were thrown and I caught the distinctive smell of blood. They were really starting to lay into each other now.


“Because they’re fighting over you. When duelling over a woman’s affections no one can intervene.” He explained.

“I don’t want them fighting over me.” I said desperately.


“Then you shouldn’t have kissed Tobin then. You knew he was watching, you knew how Ethan would feel and yet you did it anyway.” Axel said, his voice level and uncaring. “He has summoned Catherine here to end their relationship so that he can commit himself solely for you. A vampire would not take this decision lightly and neither should the person on the receiving end of the commitment.”


“I didn’t realise it was such a big deal and besides that I didn’t kiss Tobin, he kissed me.” I said adamantly.


“Don’t play the fool Anna, it doesn’t suit you. I can see clearly that you care for both of them. If you only chose Ethan because you cannot have Tobin then do not let him end his commitment to Catherine. Don’t be selfish with him, he will live forever, in all likelihood you only have a year left.”


“And what if I don’t know what love is, what then, what shall I do?” I asked Axel, desperate to hear his answer, to help me because I didn’t want to disrupt Ethan’s life if what Axel said was true.


“You know Anna, you’re just scared.” He said and started to walk away. I switched my attention back to the brawling men who were both looking slightly worse for wear. The difference was all the blows that Tobin dealt to Ethan were healing and only the dried blood remained. Tobin didn’t have such an ability, he couldn’t instantly heal himself and he was looking terribly worse for wear.


“Stop it!” I shouted. I was getting so angry with them not listening to me. Taking the opportunity when I saw it I dived into the fight as well. Ethan had been astride Tobin punching him in the face. As I grabbed hold of him to try and pull him away Ethan lost control and he lashed out at me, the force of his blow dealt to my chest threw me across the ground and slammed into the base of a tree.


Pain ripped through me as I connected with the solid wood. The sounds of fighting instantly stopped and Ethan was instantly by my side. I heard my back click back into place but even as my body healed itself I still ached all over as I sat up.


“Anna, are you okay?” He asked trying to help me up. I looked up into Ethan’s concerned face and refused the hand he offered to help me up. He was covered in blood, whether his own or Tobin’s I couldn't be sure but either way he was a hideous sight to see.


“Fine.” I snapped at him as I managed to get to my feet. “You have to stop this!” I said before turning my attention to where Tobin was lying breathing but not conscious. “What have you done?” I asked him in astonishment before I rushed to Tobin, kneeling down beside him and looking at his injuries.


“Leave him Anna, he’ll be fine in a few hours.” Ethan said, his voice cold.


“No, I’m not going to leave him! Look at him, he can’t heal himself like we can! If he wasn’t immortal you would have killed him!”


“Then he shouldn’t have kissed you!”


I whirled around, anger pulsating through me. “That doesn’t make this right. He crossed the line, I get that but this is too much. We all make mistakes Ethan and I’m not your property. I don’t even know what we are and right now, after this, I’m not sure I want us to be anything.” I snapped. My words were fuelled with anger and I had a feeling I might regret them later but I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe what he had done and all over one kiss.


“If that is the way you feel then I will respect that.” Ethan said through gritted teeth, clearly in an rage that equalled mine. He turned and in the blink of an eye he had sped of back towards the house leaving me in the gardens of his home with a badly beaten and unconscious Tobin.


I was panicking, of course I knew he couldn’t die but I still didn’t know what I was doing. I knew that I ought to have been able to heal because I had the powers that Tobin did but I had never had the opportunity to practise them. Tobin’s warning ran through my mind, suggesting that I not use his elemental powers just in case they were hurting me but I didn’t want to risk moving him inside but equally I didn’t want to leave him either.


I thought back desperately to the night that he had healed me. I had had my eyes closed but I had felt one hand upon my head and the other one holding my hand. I wasn’t sure if both was necessary but I did it to be sure. I closed my eyes again and focused on the feeling I had felt that night, as if I had been sat in front of a roaring fire.


I tried to imagine that feeling flowing through me and into Tobin, healing him. I knew it was working because I felt my energy levels falter with each moment I attempted to heal him. When I was on the brink of utter exhaustion I stopped, removing my hands from him and opening my eyes.


Tobin was almost fully healed. He was still unconscious though but I thought that it would be okay to move him if I could stir him into limping a little on his own. I began to shake him until he began to come round. I then pulled him to his feet and with one arm draped across my shoulders we managed to hobble back towards the house.


No one seemed to be around as we made our way through the house. Not even Lucas who I was sure would delight in the fact that Ethan and I were bickering. I managed to drag Tobin all the way up to my room and manoeuvre him onto the bed.


“Stay with me.” He muttered, trying to pull me down on to the bed with him.


“Sorry, there is something I have to do.” I said to him pulling away, he was too weak to attempt to try again and I managed to leave him there. I closed the door behind me as I left the room. I knew Ethan would not be in his room as Lucas had taken up residence there. The next logical place was his office but when he wasn’t there either and at that point I decided to set up shop and wait.


I grabbed the quilt off the back of the armchair and threw it over myself as I settled into it. I didn’t mean to fall asleep waiting for him but I did, healing Tobin had taken more energy than I had first assumed. I was shaken awake rather abruptly hours later. I had a cramp in my neck and legs from the position I had fallen asleep in and darkness had fallen outside.


“What time is it?” I asked as I sat up, stretching the aches from my body.


“Just gone three.” Ethan replied rather coldly, “What are you doing in here?”


“I gave my room to Tobin so he could rest. I came down to find you but you weren’t here so I decided to wait.” I said ignoring the cold tone he had adopted towards me. I had wanted to come here and fix things, not argue more. “Where were you?”


“I went out hunting. The smell of the blood today made it a necessity.” He said simply stating fact. Looking at him now you wouldn’t have thought that hours earlier he was in a fairly gruesome scuffle. There wasn’t a scratch on him.


“I’m sorry about today.” I offered, “It got out of hand. Tobin got annoyed when I told him about the deal I made with William and he was trying to convince me that he was a better choice than you. The kiss was part of that.”


“Do you think that he is a better choice than me?” Ethan asked, his tone dangerous.


“No, I don’t think that he’s a better choice.” I said quickly, not wanting to anger him any further when I was trying to make amends.


“Then why won’t you give yourself to me Anna, why when I offer myself to you freely won’t you offer anything in return?” He demanded from me clearly upset.


“I told you, I don’t want to be your bit on the side, you’re married to Catherine.”


“Is that the only reason?”


“Beside’s nerves yes.”


“What reason do you have to be nervous?”


“Do you really not understand what I meant when I told you I’d never done this before, I’ve never done any form of relationship, committed, sexual or any other form of intimate relationship you can think of. Tobin and I are as close as we are because the night all this weird supernatural stuff started he saved me from almost being raped by a demon. That was how my powers were awakened. That was over three weeks ago, so much has happened in that short space of time and I don’t understand most of it. I’ve seen things I never thought were possible and now I’m stood here before you and you’re demanding something from me that I’ve never given to anyone and I hardly know you. When I do commit to someone fully I want it to be right, I don’t want to be second to anyone, especially not someone’s wife.”


Rant over I stopped and took a breath. Ethan had very nicely stood there and listened to me without a single interruption and I had to admire that because I doubt that most men would have bothered to pay attention after the first sentence.


“I am sorry for demanding so much of you. Sometimes it is easy to forget how little time has passed since you stepped into our world. I have never come across anyone quite as innocent as you. I care for you a great deal Anna and I will wait for you until you are ready but I must ask you to promise me one thing, can you do that for me, my dear sweet girl?”


“I can try, what do you want?” I asked.


“I want for you to promise me that you will wait for me too, there will be no more kissing of other men, especially Tobin. I know it is a lot to ask but I cannot stand it when I see the two of you together.”


“It really bothers you that much?”


“It does.” He confirmed.


I took a deep breath and nodded, “Alright but no more jealousy, I promise I will wait for you too but I won’t stop seeing him. He’s a friend, one of the few I have right now. Can you accept that?”


Ethan seemed to consider this for a moment and then nodded. “I can accept that.” He agreed and I nodded to him smiling. It felt like such a relief to have it dealt with and to be on good terms with him again.


“I don’t suppose you have another bedroom free, no offense but that chair isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep in.” I said, motioning towards the so called ‘comfy’ chair in the corner.


“No, I’m afraid not, you could always forcibly remove Tobin from your bed. I’m not sure I approve of him being there anyway.”


“Hey! You promised no more jealousy.” I reminded him.


“That was not jealousy, it was common sense, you require a bed and in my eyes you are far more deserving than he is, whether he is injured or not.”


“We could always turf Lucas out of your room and go there.” I suggested with a smile.


“Somehow I don’t think your father would appreciate his most powerful daughter demanding his room so she can be with a man whom he disapproves of.” Ethan said smiling at me.


“What does power have to do with it?” I asked confused at his word choice.


“In the human world it is generally the eldest son who is favoured, at least that was how it used to be. In our world it doesn’t matter gender or age the only thing that is recognized is power. This is why after so many years of being absent from your life your father is suddenly very concerned over the relationship you are in with others and the way you live your life in general. In time he will no doubt attempt to arrange a strong union for you, using your purity to draw in the most powerful supernatural creature he can to be your husband. It was why he was okay with our relationship on the condition that there were no sexual relations between us.” Ethan explained to me.


“If he thinks he can control me like that then he’s in for a rude awakening.” I said somewhat grumpily. “I want to be with you, though apparently what I want doesn’t seem to factor into his equations.”


“Unfortunately he has the law on his side so there isn’t much we can do to fight him.”


“What law?”


“Back when women of supernatural heritage were weaker and in greater need of protection there were a group of demons who had found a way of stealing the powers of others after killing them. A new law was introduced enforcing that daughters were under the care and protection of their fathers until he could find a suitable husband. When this was done the father relinquished control over his daughter to her husband. It meant that women were more heavily protected and only married the most powerful of men that could ensure their safety. If Lucas doesn't want us together then he will be able to force us apart.”


“No he won’t, I won’t let him.” I said defiantly.


“Perhaps my love, we should pick our battles wisely and take what we have together one day at a time. First we shall deal with Catherin and then we will go from there.” I nodded my agreement. He was right that we had to take this slowly, we had bigger battles to fight, we didn’t need to add Lucas to our list of enemies just yet. 


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