Filomena - a short story by Divyasheel Sharma


1. Filomena

Abhinav Vasishth was trying to get out of a relationship. It wasn't that he did not love Filomena Kowalska. He did. But, he could not marry her. After all, she was Polish and he was East Indian. Indian men do not marry in another race. This tradition was ingrained in Abhinav, like a doctrine.


Abhinav's friend, Rovan Seth, loved an Italian girl named Stefania Troiani. However, now that he was considering getting married, Rovan had broken up with Stefania. Rovan had explained his rationale to Abhinav.

Foreign women will leave you, sooner or later, however, an Indian lady would never leave her husband in good, or bad times,” Rovan instructed.


To no one's surprise Abhinav, with his conservative middle class upbringing, had silently agreed with Rovan's point of view.

It was difficult for Abhinav to meet Indian women in Wilmington. Especially, from the north of India, where he was from. Not many girls from his area left their country unmarried. On the other hand, it was easy for him to fall in love with Filomena. She was a tall, slender, blue eyed blonde. She was beautiful than Abhinav's any other friend. More than that, Filomena was warm at showering her immense love on him. He had never been loved by a girl before. Filomena Kowalska was officially Abhinav Vasishth's first love.


However, tonight Abhinav was online; chatting with another girl, Priya Bhardwaj, from Allahbad in India. He had seen her pictures, sent to him by his parents. Her looks had stunned Abhinav. Priya looked like a goddess - Nicole Scherzinger draped in a black sari with gold embroidered borders. He had been chatting with her every night for last two months, except on Tuesdays and had been avoiding Filomena by lying to her that he was studying for GMAT. Filomena could sense that Abhinav's behavior had changed. She was much agitated.

They would still meet every evening. Occasionally, they stayed over at each others place. On Tuesdays, when it was a day off from work for Filomena, she would cook potatoes with rice-pilaf that Abhinav loved. Then, they would go to a near-by drive-in theater to watch a movie. Wednesday mornings they would have breakfast at their favorite, Krystyna's Cafe, at the corner by Filomena's apartment building. Abhinav loved Mazurek with a hot cup of Prima Niebieska.


Today, Filomena had added maraschino cherries to Abhinav's breakfast cake. She enjoyed watching him savor his breakfast. She felt loved most on such Wednesday mornings, especially, when the Sun was out and shining. It was the last breakfast she had with Abhinav.

Abhinav left for India on Saturday, without telling anything to Filomena. His phone was disconnected. Her emails never got any reply. Abhinav's friends told Filomena that his parents had arranged for him to meet an Indian girl. He was talking to her for some time but had never met her. His best friend told that he thought, it would be unwise to let that girl go, and that Filomena would understand.


After a month, Filomena finally got a reply to her email.

Dear Filomena, I am married now. I shall not be able to meet you any more. It is for our best.


I hope you will understand.

- Abhinav

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