Confused Kenyan Men

Get Your Act Straight and know what you want


1. Man Up

Being in this dating game for a while,and have found that the bad far outweigh the good....

It seems as years pass by,the worse these Kenyan Men are detoriaiting day by in short years ago a Kenyan Lady was way more lucky than now..They have just become a waste of time or should i say a way to kill time to lessen the loneliness and tame horniness and sweep off the cob webs..


These men have no bloody idea what they want when it comes to relationships..and the thing is when you first meet them they seem to have it together..they seem content with themselves but all this is cliche..its just a way to hide what is really in there...

I think am now losing all hope-actually the little left that i had...its sad,dissapointing and just not gud at all that these men are slowly losing it...if we have no 'men' left...what will women date..


MAN UP,Kenyan men-MAN UP!..They are just losing their Raw Masculinity side and morphing into a sex i have no idea what to with since the line between a man and a woman is becoming thinner by day..


Am sorry but i have no expextations what so ever these days from men-none!i just wait for them to mess up-cause the will-and am yet to be proven wrong..

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