Darwin's Flowers

A short story about end of school love.


1. Darwin's Flowers

We flung ourselves across the open field. It was here that we met two years earlier, when I was a lonely boarding school student and you were that girl in class from the exotic sounding land of Ypsilanti, Michigan. We'd come back to this spot, behind the tennis courts leading to the brink of the woods that stretched on for miles. Spending our final days of school together, we found ourselves faced with the prospect of whatever the future held. Instinctively, we held each other just a bit tighter.

You said: "Looking into the woods always makes me think. It's so close and familiar, yet I don't know the first thing about them- I've barely even ventured in."

I said: "I don't expect you're missing much- a bunch of trees, the old bridge over the creek..."

"Oh I don't mean that, I just find it kind of... strange that there's this whole ecosystem of life in there beyond our notice. It was here long before us and wouldn't care if we all disappeared tomorrow. I should understand everything around me, but I'm cut off from the living world in there steps away."

"What's got you thinking like that anyway? The end of school putting weird worries in your head?"

"Oh it's not that. I'm not worried at all actually. We're in love, which means whatever separation comes with graduating won't be the end. I mean it can't, there's still that chance you'll get into a college near mine. Even if you don't, we'll visit each other at least one weekend a month, no matter how far we need to travel to do it. Our years here went quickly, no reason why college won't be just as fast. Whatever life brings, we'll meet it together, so why worry about the future?"

Your proud words elated me. I tried to gather my thoughts for a fitting reply, but in my giddiness all I could manage was simple praise- and a lame joke: "That's why I love you, you're smart. And since you seem to be in such a naturalist mood, try answering this for me, Ms. Darwin: What kind of flowers grow on your face?... Two-lips!"

You laughed for a second before burying your face in your hands in feigned exasperation. "It's jokes like that which make me rethink this whole thing!" you groaned before smirking. I took those flowers and kissed them between bursts of laughter.

"Seriously though", I continued, "I really didn't know what to think before coming out here. But hearing how sure you are.. I know we can make it. Things haven't always been easy. We've learned a lot. Love has gotten us this far. Something like distance can't change that, so like you said, why worry?"

Until then I had felt like I was on a rocket, headed towards life's changes without a way off. I was afraid our years together would be shattered by this trajectory we had no control over. Yet standing there with you, our bare feet in the grass and the woods spread out ahead of us, I finally felt no fear.

"Now I know for sure", I stated certainly, "we're going to always be together, aren't we."

The immediate reply I expected from my confident girl didn't come. I looked over and saw you staring dead ahead, into the sunset now hitting the tops of the trees. I reassuringly brushed my hand across your arm and opened my mouth to say your name when suddenly- you cried.

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