Will I ? Are you?

We are in the near future. The past is gone. There is no present. Only the imminent future. Things are brewing in the underground about to explode. A new consciousness, collectively felt, no one will escape from it.


1. Willy and Arlie

A man is waiting for the future to come. He sits in front of the TV, but the TV is off. We are in the Internet age. Actually, a new age is about to explode. Let's call it the "INTERSPACE AGE".


Most people have survived the catastrophies: earthquakes, wars, depressions. Nothing seemed changed. Most of the people have gone back to usual, except our main hero here. Let's call him Willy. He once believed in the bright side of life: traveling, not working nor over-working, sex, drugs, food and sleep. But he always seemed unsatisfied. What he really needed was a new life. In the literal sense. He reproduced and will soon get a baby.


The baby is far away, still "unborn" into this world, but he can already communicate with him. Let's call him Arlie.

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