Will I ? Are you?

We are in the near future. The past is gone. There is no present. Only the imminent future. Things are brewing in the underground about to explode. A new consciousness, collectively felt, no one will escape from it.


3. Moving to the New Planet

He didn't choose her. She stared at him and slowly enwrapped him with her translucent spider web. Slowly, without notice. Now they are in a trap, that will turn into a big chance. A new chapter in life. Nothing will matter the way everything mattered, or actually, lost mattering. A new life, from nowhere, is about to burst.

But first, Willy needs to settle over and down on his wife's new planet. Mother Earth is the foundation. Men need to adapt to mother's wishes. Men need to hunt and gather, go through deadly adventures. No time being lazy and cowardish. He needs to find out quickly, what he's good at and make a busy business out of it. No time to waste. Hurry, hurry! But wait. Stay calm. First see that there is nothing to fear. You could die, others could die, get sick, another catastrophe breaking out, it always breaks out somewhere in this galaxy...What matters is life itself, symbolized, materialized in Arlie, soon to appear into this blinding, warm sun-light. This world needs a lot of explaining, this mankind and its histories need long days of schooling, but life, life should never forget where it came from and where it will go, or maybe never go. The life force is always here and there, and a little nudge can change the scenery without effort and strain - instantaneously.

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