Eternal Pain - The Story Of My Life

I guess this is my diary?


4. 09-10-2011

October, 9. 2011


I walked today, or should I say tonight? It was half past 1 am.

The music in my ears was loud, and I walked as fast as my sorrow made me. Sometimes I even ran.

And I broke down Just for a while, I stopped breathing, and screamed instead. Cried out. And hell I needed it!

I know it’s gonna take some time for people, to finally realize that I’ve got nothing left inside.

I’m broken, and that’s how it is. Nothing can change that.

My day is like… I wake up in the morning, tired of sleeping. Get in the shower, and make my bed. Alone.

I put on my makeup, talking to the mirror. Ready for a new day. Without her.

And I walk steady on my feet, I talk, my voice obeys me. I go out at night. Sleep without the lights on.

I do, all of the things I have to, even with you on my mind. But when I think I’ll be okay, I am always wrong.

I talk about her now. And go a day without crying. I go out with my friends now. And stay home all alone.

And I don’t see her everywhere. And I can say her name easily. But when I think I’m finally fine… I am always wrong…

- Bella

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