Eternal Pain - The Story Of My Life

I guess this is my diary?


3. 08-10-2011

October, 8. 2011

That’s it. I’m broken.


There’s nothing left of me, except  pain. The pain inside me is the only thing left to hold on to. That and her… But how can I hold on to something that was never mine?

And I can’t trust anyone fully. I’m not capable of that. Once burned, twice shy, right?


But I need someone I can trust now. And the only thing people do, it tells me what to do with my live, who to be, and how to act. As if I need to know that.

What I need to know, is what I can do to breathe again. But I can’t do anything, can I?

I miss her like hell… I’d die for her.

All alone and left behind, she is the only one on my mind. I would throw my life away, if I could catch just another day with her.

I’m tired of people. I’m tired of all the questions.

“Why can’t you take the sentence, Pepsi is gone?”

“Why do you have to go and take a break when you’re around a lot of people?”

Oh, shut up and let me do it, if that’s what I need.

And it is.

The worst question is: “Why don’t you trust other people?”

Because what can I say? That last time I did, I almost lost myself?

Like I said.

Once burned; twice shy.

- Bella

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