The smell of murder

Allie is a 17 year old girl living Miami, Florida. She is not like everybody else. She can sense dead bodies, and bodies, which are going to be killed soon. Allie and her best friend Clara is dragged into one mystery after another wtih the police as their alliance. Will Allie find out what she is? And who is golden boy?


3. ll

"Allie" my teachers voice fills the air. I can’t concentrate. There is a hideous smell in our classroom. Somebody is dead. Not years ago. Today! I look at her and say: “Yes, miss Thompson?”. She smiles. Nothing evil in her aura. Not at all. She couldn’t even hurt at fly, if she wanted to. She says: “Who was the first president after the Apartheid system ended in South Africa?”. I nod, easy question. “Nelson Mandela in 1994”. We are having World History.

I raise my hand. Miss Thompson points at me, and I say: “Can I go now? I have an appointment at the doctors”. Miss Thompson nods, and I collect my items and walk away. I walk out. Directly to the woods. The smell is getting stronger and stronger. I am astonished that I didn’t smell this, days ago. I walk faster. There it is. Under the ground I can feel it clear now. I call the police from my cellphone. I inform the officer on duty. He sends a car immediately. I look behind me. There is Clara. She says: “How did you do that? You walked directly from school to here, and found a dead body, that I can‘t see yet?” I look at the ground. Nothing is really catchy. You  can’t see the digging done in the earth. Nothing clear. I look at her. “Why did you follow me? Help me dig it up, so the police don’t wonder”. She comes closer to me, and says: “I will help you, if you tell me the truth”. I start digging, while I am saying: “C, you are my best and closest friend. Didn’t you notice that I asked you about the visit at the churchyard yesterday? Didn’t you notice that I hate being close to anybody? Have you noticed me twisting my head insanely, whenever golden boy is near? Even when he is not near?” She nods, and start helping to dig. She says: “I don’t get it. It’s like you can smell dead people”. I look at her with a saying glance. She looks at me with incredulous eyes. She says: “Can you smell it? Allie, you are not normal. I want all story when we are done here ok?” Finally we reached down, so a little skin was evidently from the surface. We rise from the ground. The police car is coming closer. An officer comes out from the car. “Where is the body you were talking about?”

This was when Clara found out I could smell dead bodies, and auras. I haven’t told anybody else. She was the first to find out about it, but certainly not the last. Later on the police found out about it later, after three discovers of dead bodies. This lead into a co-operation.

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