The smell of murder

Allie is a 17 year old girl living Miami, Florida. She is not like everybody else. She can sense dead bodies, and bodies, which are going to be killed soon. Allie and her best friend Clara is dragged into one mystery after another wtih the police as their alliance. Will Allie find out what she is? And who is golden boy?


2. l

"Allie". Clara yells. She is running towards me. Three weeks ago she took a cruise with her parents. Her parents idea. Sailing on a ship with your parents for three complete weeks. God help it! Who invented that? Here she is. She survived. I can already smell her sweet body. I love her body smell. Probably because it protecs me from the smell of dead bodies. She is like a veil to me. My personal protector. 


She flings her arms round my body. Cuddles me in a tight hug, even though she knows I hate it. I can’t stand close contact with others, even if I know them. My brain hurts. Bam, bam, bam.  That’s when I smell it. She has been near to a dead body. There are two possibilities. One, the ship sailed across one in the ocean. Two, she has been to the churchyard. Her aura is all clean. She has not been near to a dead body in an evil way. Her conscience is totally clear. “Clara, have you been to the churchyard?”. She looks weird at my face, and says: “Yeah, I went to visit my grandmothers grave”. Oh, I should not have asked. Her face turns sad. Damn. Now I have to cuddle her. I take a deep breath before throwing my arms around her. She says: “She died the year before you came here”.  I comfort her, and says: “I am so, so sorry Clara. I had no idea”. She nods into my shoulder, and says: “It’s fine”.

Clara and I are to see the schools soccer game later today. That’s when I first notices him. He is running around in the field. I can’t judge him. His aura is no existing to me. Weird, but true. His golden hair flies around his face. Clara sees where I am looking and says: “New boy, comes from Oklahoma, no parents, live downtown close to your place, cousin to number 18”. She is always updated with such information. He turns his face and looks at me. He moves his lips. It is almost like I can hear him.

“Look, nothing to see. Just transparent”

I can’t be true. I look at Clara to see if she heard something. She doesn’t look like. She is starring at another soccer player. Number 4, name: Ricco. Totally hot, but cocky. She has been in love with him since forever. I swear to God I heard him saying something to me. Christ! I am going crazy. There is no logical explanation. I am at least 10 meters away. There is no possible way I could have heard him. I shake my head, as if something is not right inside. Clara looks at me. I keep shaking my head. I did not. I repeat, I did not hear what he just said. Allie you are crazy.


This was the first time I saw golden boy. I could hear what he was saying even if we where miles apart. If I started thinking about him, I could hear him talking. Sometimes he talked to me. Once he did even say my name. I am sure he knows something about me. 

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