The smell of murder

Allie is a 17 year old girl living Miami, Florida. She is not like everybody else. She can sense dead bodies, and bodies, which are going to be killed soon. Allie and her best friend Clara is dragged into one mystery after another wtih the police as their alliance. Will Allie find out what she is? And who is golden boy?


4. III

"Allie" The sound comes from nowhere. I am alone in my apartment downtown. It is the voice of golden boy. Who is he? Why can he talk to me through thought or the like? Why can he be in contact with my mental parts without me knowing how he does? How?  A knocking sounds fro my door. I open. Golden boy! In my apartment. No! A voice inside my head says: "Don't let him in. He will damage you". Another says: "Let him in. The golden boy is so handsome". I listen to the last. I let him in after a little talking at the door. He says: "Allie, I know you can hear me. I have seen it in your face. I know it!" Damn it! Why do I have to be so revealing. I search for a way out of this in my head. Nothing comes up. How can he possibly know about me hearing him, when his not even near me? I do not get this. How? I am so confused. He puts himself at a chair and continue to talk: "You know, I can read your mind right now. This is just great. You really don't understand me being here, do you?". I shake my head and say: "How can you possibly know about this? I just don't get it. There are only two possibilities here. 1 - you are a bit of a stalker, but that doesn't explain why you can speak to me while you are not near to me. 2 - you are the same kind that I am, and I don't know what I am myself. I am lost!" Golden boy says: "First, let me introduce myself, I have been a little rude. My name is Casper, and I am send here, by our master, to teach you the full use of your so called gift. I cannot tell you what we are, but I will help you discover it". I quickly change my position so I do not stand up anymore. I am a litlle chocked. A guy, whom I have never spoken to before, sits in my kitchen and tells my that I am not human, and that I have a so called gift. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I close it again. I try again and say: "Sooo, you are as me, but you cannot tell me what we are exactly, huh? I just don't get it". Golden boy alias Casper says: "You are right my dear, and as far as I have observed you already have discovered one of your gifts, right?" I just need to turn it inside my head before I say: "Yeah, the smelling thing. But how comes it that I cannot see your aura or smell you? You are just nothing". Casper sits and says: "Can you see your own aura or smell yourself?" I try to see my own aura or at least get a bit of how I smell. Nothing comes up. Like really nothing. What am I? "No, I have thought about it before, but I just thought it was because I couldn't see myself". His lips curl up into a smirk. He says: "Hey, I had it like that too. You see, I have only known what I am for about 2 years." I sigh deeply. How the hell did I end up like this? I shake my head and hope that it is a dream. When I stop shaking my head I realise that Casper is very real. I say: "Okay, let me get this straight. You are send here by somebody called 'the master' and you are supposed to learn me to control my so called gift, without telling me what I am?" Casper smirks yet agian. Can't he stop doing that he looks so damn hot when he does it. He smiles and says: "I know I look good smirking babe - and you got it right". I blush. How the hell did he know what I was thinking? His 'gift' I suppose - to interrupt others minds. I look at him saying: "If we have to cooperate then you need to stop reading my mind, got it?". I look at him with a very strict glance. He says: "Whatever you say darling". "And then the only thing we need to make you do too - you have to skip those stupid lovey dovey words in the end of  your sentences, 'kay?" Casper just nods. Oh, who the hell am I. He is still reading my mind and he is still going say those names when I am in his presence. I say: Okay, I am hungry lets eat while you tell me everything you can tell me". Now I am going to hear it. "Aye aye sir!" Okay, I wasn't. I call the nearest pizza place, and soon the pizzas are coming. I can smell the person through the door. It is somebody that I know. I open the door, and the pizza guy is a guy I have english along with. I say hi and pays and then I goes back in. Golden boy, I still like to call him that, still sits by the table. He has told me a little, but I am still far away from catching up. Eating the pizza he mubles his way through all the things he can tell me. Not very usefull. I say to him: "Okay goldie, you really need to slow down a bit and chew your food before you talk". He just nods and continues on mumbling. I will admit that I got the most. He says: "Are you sure want to hear it all hon'?" I just nod - of course I want to hear it all. Two hours later I regret it. The past two hours he has spoken insanely about our 'master' without giving me any usefull information. Damn him. Aren't he supposed to help me? I am as confused as I was in the beginning. He looks at me with a wry smile saying: "You know you look beautifull right?" I look at him. Is he taking the mickey out of me? Jesus! I look at him and say: "If you don't stop the flirting part forget about it, okay?" He nods and I know he will keep on flirting. 

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