Let down

Til alle de såkalte venner, jeg lod ødelægge et stykke af mit hjerte..
Til jer der måske endda uden at vide det, har gjort livet surt for mange


2. You broke me to many times

This letter is dedicated to that person who broke me heart, after I fixed it, you broke it again, then you stamped on it, you jumped on it, you crushed it, into little pieces, then you fixed it (very badly though) just to brake it again, this time with a knife, you'd carefully cut my heart! slowly and painfull! and why? why do I of all people, who surported you in all possible ways, when no one else was there for you! I, who walked trough fire for you, I, who did everything to protect you! Why did I deserve this mess you created for me? When you could'nt crush my heart anymore, you'd make others who had opened my door. you'd make them brake me, make them hurt me. no matter where I go, your there with annother weapon, to shoot me down. Somneday I hope someone will rip of your disguise, so every one will se your lies!

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