Fall of An Order

What if legends about vampires and werewolves were true and such creatures existed in the world today. Only an ancient secret order had held them at bay for centuries but was eventually defeated. All this you learn through a letter sent by an old man who was the last surviving member now deceased.


2. The Letter: A Warning

May 30 2005

My name is Lucian Dalmatia and I bid you a good day. There is much to tell but little time remain and ask you to remain tranquil, this will be overwhelming. I have travelled much through the world, lived the USA for several decades and retired to this country in 1981 but due to my health, I now reside at the White Oaks Nursing home. Recently, the doctor informed me my heart continues to deteriorate and what time remains shortens . I don't fear death as this would not be the first time, but I'm frightened of what will be lost upon my passing. There is a tale I have and with no family or friends still alive I wish to share it with you. When one reaches my age of 98, you learn and witness many things within the world few will ever knew of or come to understand. As time passes, you see conditions worsen and hear people asking why and the only one to know is you. The story I am to tell is an answer to the question “If evil exists within the world?” and the answer is yes. It is not crime, drugs, pollution or wars but it’s alive, it has a form and has a face.

I must advise what you learn this day will forever change your world as it did mine 80 years ago. What will be told may sound non-sense, the delusion of an old man or some twisted fairy tale but I ask you only to read on before concluding. To begin, I was born in Romania ,near the town of Sibilant, where much of my childhood was spent on a farm till I moved into the city to be an apprentice shoemaker, There I meet my beloved Ana, a beautiful strong headed woman who fear , especially to speak her mind.. In 1924, we were engage in fall but like for most young couples, marriage was too far away to wait. During the annually festival in the town, not wanting to be disturbed, we sneak off into the wood after duck where we gave into each other’s love. There were many legends and lore about Nosferatu, Loup Garou, Ettins or Trolls I heard as a child and warned never to go into the forest alone after dark. I never paid heed to such superstitions told to stop young lovers. That night I learn the cold reality of how true those legends were.

Arthor Note..... More to soon come
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