(English story) Justin is forced to live with his aunt. What happens between him and Skylar?!

Hello, my name's Justin. Justin Bieber. Yeah, i AM the famous pop singer, but right now, I'm more focused on keeping a low profile. Why? Well lets just say that the way some of my fans reacted, when they found out what i was doing, was NOT something i'd like to participate in. So right now, i'm currently staying at my aunt's house. It's fun as heck! - Or not....
What will happen between him and his new housemate Skylar, as they spend the summer together. One thing is for sure, they are not as innocent as they say.

-A Justin Bieber novelle


8. The rise of The Big Ben


When I started to walk towards the front door, Justin sprinted over to Crys’ car door and opened it the same way. The only thing different was, that she didn’t curtsy, but said instead: Crystal: “Oh boy, this is gonna be a loooooong summer”. We all laughed, Justin grabbed his suitcase, and we then went indoors.


After we got home from the airport, Crystal called for a Pizza we could eat for dinner. Kate wouldn't be home before around midnight, because they had some important meeting at her work, Crystal had told me. It was fine, because in that way, i could just relax without having to talk about my career and stuff. Adults always have the weirdest questions. Like where do they get them from?

Crystal: "JUSTIN, come down and set the table please!" Crystal yelled from downstairs. Damn she's bossy. I only just arrived, and she already wants me to do chores. I stumbled downstairs and into the kitchen, where the two girls were sitting. Me: "Alright mommy, I’m here now. Should I also clean the toilet and vacuum while I’m at it? I joked, while opening the cabinets and taking three plates. Crystal: "Well since you're asking so nicely..." I just started walking into the living room with the plates, while I yelled Me: "I CANT HEAR YOU. I CANT HEAR YOU. NA NA NA NA." I put the plates on the table, and got some cups and napkins as well. A few minutes later the doorbell rang, and Crystal ran to the door. She came in with a big family pizza, and placed it on the coffee table. I sat in the sofa, and Crystal did the same. Skylar came and sat down, with a bottle of coke in her hand. Skylar: “Uhmm! Hawaii is my favorite!” she said while licking her lips and grinding her hands together. Me: “No way. You are also a fan of the Hawaiian?!” Bingoooo, I think we’ve found the official meal for this summer! Crystal likes it, Skylar likes it and I like it. Could it be any better? Skylar: “Hell yeah. It’s Crys’ and my favorite. We always eat it the first day we’re together! Me: “Cool. Then we have at least one thing in common. I never thought that would happen cous (cousin)”…. While we ate, we talked about different stuff. Skylar told me a little bit about herself, and what she had been up too since Crystal saw her last. Crystal told what she had been doing, and I told about my wild life. But I didn’t mention why I was here. I really didn’t want them to know it all, it’s between me and Caitlin.


After dinner I went up to my room.  I had the guestroom, it was in the opposite direction of Crystals room. Thank god for that. I wouldn’t be able to make it through the summer, if I had to live next door to her every, single, day.

I unpacked my suitcase, and stacked it into the closet. Mission 'Bieberfy the room' has begun. I pumped my basketball, and set up my PlayStation to the TV I had in my room. I also placed my brand new skateboard on the top shelf in my closet, pulled out some of my awards and put a picture of my family and Caitlin on my nightstand. Job Done. Me: “Justin old boy, I keep wondering why you didn’t become an interior designer.” I stood for a second, admiring my beautiful work. Me: “Oh well, no time for being all sentimental.”  I then sat on my bed, and got out my apple laptop. I logged on to Skype, and saw Caitlin was online. Only few seconds passed before we were talking to each other.

Caitlin: “Hey baby, how are you?” Me: “Hey sweetie, I’m fine. You?” Caitlin: “I’ve been very sad since my little JustyBear went away”, she said pouting and making a sad face. Me: “Hey, don’t be, ok. I’ll be home before you know it, and then I’ll take you somewhere nice.” I said, trying to cheer her up. I was thinking about maybe taking her to a Toronto Maple Leaf game. TML is my favorite hockey team; I’ve been a hardcore fan since I was little. Caitlin is special to me, and I really want to take her somewhere special, so I think it would be a great place. Caitlin: “You are?! Oh Justin I love you so so much!” She said with a happy face. I could see she was sitting by her desk, with her school clothes on. Suddenly she looked up, and was quiet for a while. I know this look, she was thinking about something. Caitlin: “Justin baby, I’ll be back in 2 minutes, okay?” Well that is weird. Me: “Uhm, okay I guess.” In the meantime, I made myself comfortable by lying down on my back, with my computer on my stomach.

The two minutes went, and Caitlin was back. She had moved the camera, so it faced the whole room now. She started talking but I couldn’t see her. Caitlin: “Baby, I’m doing this for you, as a ‘pre-thank you’ for the place you are going to taking me when you get home.” I was confused. Me: “Okay, but wha…” Caitlin: “Shhh, enough talking,” she said in a seductive voice. Oh, now I know what she is up to. Nice. Now she came into the frame -Dressed in a little red dress, high heels, makeup and red lip-stick. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I felt my hormones kick in, and my eyes were glued to the screen, as she began to dance. The way her body twisted and bent, captivated me. As the music got more intense, she turned around and pulled down her dress. Wow, I’ve never tried this before; it’s amazing. As the dress hit the floor, I found myself licking and biting my lips. The music got even louder, and she turned around again and unlocked her bra. Damn. All the hormones now seemed to travel to one place in my body. Down south of equator. Just as she was about to drop her bra, someone burst in. Crystal: “JUSTIN GOD DAMN IT, turn down that mus… ” Faster than Usain Bolt, I smacked down my laptop, causing the music to stop. I bet I was blushing big time. Me: “Get out! Haven’t you heard of knocking?!” Crystal: “Oh. Sorry Justin, I didn’t realize, you and her, were like, ARHH, never mind. It was just because Sky couldn’t sleep from the loud music okay.” Me: “Yeah right, just get out now!” This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever experienced so far. Shit. Crystal: “Sure sure, I’ll go. Btw. You’ve got a little, really tiny, problem down there.” She said pointing to my pants. I quickly grabbed a pillow do cover my pants, and then she disappeared with a smirk on her face. Me: “Oh Jesus, save me from this hell” I said lying down with my hands covering my eyes. I just relaxed for a couple of minutes, thinking about how to handle the situation with both Caitlin and Crystal, who is also probably telling it all to Skylar right now. It was all too much, and i found myself drifting off to sleep.


NB. Not all characters are portrait as they are in real life. Hope it's okay.

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