(English story) Justin is forced to live with his aunt. What happens between him and Skylar?!

Hello, my name's Justin. Justin Bieber. Yeah, i AM the famous pop singer, but right now, I'm more focused on keeping a low profile. Why? Well lets just say that the way some of my fans reacted, when they found out what i was doing, was NOT something i'd like to participate in. So right now, i'm currently staying at my aunt's house. It's fun as heck! - Or not....
What will happen between him and his new housemate Skylar, as they spend the summer together. One thing is for sure, they are not as innocent as they say.

-A Justin Bieber novelle


3. Surprise Crystal!

<RECAP>-  <Justin's Point Of View>

I’m generally sorry, I got carried away, and I didn’t realize at the time, that people were gonna get hurt by it. I’m so SO sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. #I<3U” (Sorry if it’s more then 140 letters :P) I tweeted that, and hoped and prayed that they'd forgive me.


<Crystal's Point Of View>

Me: "Mooom!, can we go and pick Skylar up at the airport now?" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I went to my dresser to get a jacket, and grabbed my IPhone and some lipstick. My room was at the end of the corridor and next to my room, there was a hobby room. Mom and dad are not ‘rich’, but they’ve got enough money, that’s for sure. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where mom was standing. On the way down I was jamming ‘Sky’s coming, and we’re gonna have so sooooeee much fuuUuuUUn’. Mom looked at me with a weird look . Kate: “You look happy sweetie.” Me: “Heck yeah! Sky’s coming and it’s gonna be THA best summer evarhh!" I did some wicked dance moves I just made up, just to spice the happiness a bit up. Kate: ”When’s she coming?” Goooosh, didn’t she hear I shouted at her before? Well, now I know what to get for her birthday – HEARING AIDS! Haha. She’ll probably just slap my arm if I told her. I laughed to myself. Mom, or just mothers in general, doesn’t like when you mention their upcoming birthday. I think it’s got something to do with them getting older, I don’t know? Me:” She’s already on her way, so are we gonna get going oder was?” Oder was means ‘or what’ in German. Once, me and Sky were on Tinychat, and we met this hot German dude, and he said it all the time. So now it’s just become a part of how we talk. Gotta love Germans. (hah). I really hope Sky doesn’t bring Jason, that’ll be ruining it all. Even though he’ll probably be in the hobby room day and night playing Call Of Duty or some other shiat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jason. He’s like a little brother to me, an annoying little brother. Kate:” Let me just get the keys and we’ll get going”... YES, finally!, And that took 15  long minutes to get to that point. I hope Sky’s still in the air.


Kate:” Oh and hunnyy, Pattie called an hour ago.” Me:”Omm o.kay.....?” Useful information, not. Kate:” Justin’s staying here for a couple of months.” WHAT?! Oh boy! I felt an annoyed face creep on, and the smile faded away. 'Fantastic Summer with Sky' go flush yourself in the toilet…. Why is he always ruining my plans?! At my birthday 6 years ago, he also ruined it all. The whole god damn cake landed in the pool. And I had to clean it up, ME the birthdaygirl! Thanks Justin, just thanks… Me:” Aw come ON moom! It was supposed to be me and Skylar’s summer. We have planned to do all these epic things, and we both looked forward to practically ‘own’ the house, while you and daddy are working. It’s not fair. He’s always ruining it.” This was just not a good time. Sitting in the car on our way to pick up Sky, and getting a bomb thrown in your head, and you’re not wearing a safety helmet. Hell, nothing can protect you against that Justin-bomb coming at ya, not even a safety helmet. Kate:” Crystal calm down.! It’s hard enough to drive without you jumping up and down like a pogo stick, so please stop.” Me:”Fine…But maa, can’t he stay with Chaz and Ryan or someone else.?” Kate:” No. He’s staying here, and there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s got some issues right now, and he needs our help” HE’S the issue. Me: “ He’s NOT staying in my room, he can get the guestroom down the hall.” Kate:” Good, he’s staying in the guestroom down the hall, and Skylar’s staying in the one next to the hobby room.” Me: “I guess.”  Well done Justin….. I just hope Skylar doesn’t mind him staying. They haven’t met yet, have they? Anyway, he’s staying, and Sky’s staying....... Damn you Justin………….


After another 20 min. we arrived at the airport. Sky’s not here yet, thank god! I accepted the fact, that Justin would be a part of our summer, but that’s not stopping me from making plans – Evil ‘Prank Your Cousin’ plans. I smirked and walked through the spinning door thingy. You know, that kinda door where you have to walk fast, cause otherwise you’ll get your butt slapped. Haha I’ll just call it ‘The Butt Slapper’ Me:” Mom hurry through the but slapper!” I yelled at her, and watched her shuffle getting quicker through the door thingy. Kate:”The butt slapper?” Me:”Don’t ask.” I laughed while walking down the waiting hall for incoming planes. ???: ”Flight number jk482 from Los Angeles, California, arrives in 2 minutes” Some lady with a very high-pitched voice said over the speakers in the big hall. 2 more minutes. ….  


What did you think? :) - It's my first story so please share your opinion, it'd mean a lot. And i totally forgot what that kind of door was called, so i just made the butt slapper up, and yeah. Skylar's POV is cominnnnn' :D. Please tell me what i can do better, and umm favorite - IF you liked it :)<3 Thanks 

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