(English story) Justin is forced to live with his aunt. What happens between him and Skylar?!

Hello, my name's Justin. Justin Bieber. Yeah, i AM the famous pop singer, but right now, I'm more focused on keeping a low profile. Why? Well lets just say that the way some of my fans reacted, when they found out what i was doing, was NOT something i'd like to participate in. So right now, i'm currently staying at my aunt's house. It's fun as heck! - Or not....
What will happen between him and his new housemate Skylar, as they spend the summer together. One thing is for sure, they are not as innocent as they say.

-A Justin Bieber novelle


5. Crys & Sky


<Skylar’s POV>

We got home and I knew where ‘my’ room was. I think this is our 5th summer together at her house. The room I was staying at, became ‘my’ room last year. Since Crys’ the only child in the family, John and Kate decided to make a room for me. I absolute love it! I got some money from mom last year, so that I could buy the basic stuff I needed for the room.


<Skylar’s POV>

It was dinner time, and Kate called us down to eat. She made pizza – My favorite with pepperoni, yummy! Crys, Kate and I, ate in the living room while watching the news. Boooooring. Since John wasn’t home, we decided to just chill while watching tv……….. Kate left. Maybe she needed to use the bathroom, I don’t know.  Crys had told me that John was in Miami. He’s so lucky sometimes! He gets to travel around the states, FOR FREE! Man I’m jealous. Once I remember he just came home from a trip to the Big Apple, and he brought us presents. It was like Christmas Eve. He’s really nice; he’s like a dad to me. It’s just sad that he’s traveling all the time. I began sobbing because of the thought of him being my dad. I miss my daddy! My real daddy. I felt a tear rolling down my cheek, and landing on my arm. Crystal:”Sky, are you okay?” She put her plate on the table, and turned around so that she was facing me. I quickly wiped the tears away. Me:” Yeah. I’m fine” I said with a fake smile. Crystal:”You’re not okay Skylar. You were thinking about your dad, wasn’t you?” She looked me in the eyes. Heck it’s Crystal we’re talking about, she knows when I’m fake smiling. I looked down in sadness. Me:” Yeah” I said with a low voice, still sobbing a bit. Crys brought her body close to mine, and gave me a big hug. I cried a little bit on her shoulder, then stopped. Me:” Thanks Crys, That was needed” I said with a small smile. We talked for an hour or so. She told me about all the hot guys in her class, and that she found a homeless dog the other day. It all made me feel better. Just talking to my best friend about everything. I told her all about the award shows in L.A., and about all the celebrities and stuff like that. I also told Crys, that Jason wouldn't be coming until next month. She smiled wide. Me:” Then we’ll get the house to us self” I told her and smiled, thinking of all the crazy things we could do all alone in this big awesome house…. Her smile faded a bit when I said that. Crystal:” Weeeeeeell, about that” Ohh shiaz….. Crystal:” My cousin Justin is kinda, maybe, coming tomorrow, and has to live here for the rest of the summer” She held her arms up in front of her head in defense, like she thought I was gonna hit her or something like that… I’m not that violent, pshhh noooooo, pshhhh. But still, it was pissing me off, that all the plans we made for this summer were ruined 'cause of Justin. Well, I don’t know him, but almost every time I’ve been with Crys, she has complained about how horrible he is, and how he’s always ruining stuff. Not. A. good. Time. Me:” We don’t have to babysit, do we?” I Asked just to be sure. Like, I know he’s around our age, but you never know these days. Crystal:” What ‘cha thank smartie?!” She said and flinched my ear. Me: “Ouchh, that was NOT necessary young lady!” I said and grabbed a pillow and hit her with it. Crystal: “HEYYY!” She grabbed another pillow and we screamed in unison “PILLOWFIIIIIGHT!.” I went in for a headshot, but she blocked me, with the ginormous pillow of hers. We were both squealing when Kate walked in on us. Kate: “WHAT are you two doing?!” she said standing in the doorway, with her hands on her hips. She scanned the room up and down, and from side to side. I guess we got so caught up in the fight, that we didn’t pay attention to the furniture. All the things in the room were totally messed up. Kate: “Well, I’m going to bed now, and when I wake up tomorrow, you two warriors have cleaned it all up. Right?” Kate said, and shot a glare at both of us. Crys was close to cracking up, but she maintained the emotionless face. I couldn’t help but giggling. Kate left and we both cracked open. Crystal: “OH MY gooooosh that was close!” There was a lot of cleaning to do, and it was late, so we started, ‘the always so fun thing to do’: cleaning. Crys hit me the pillow one last time before putting it back in its normal place. It was a fun fight though, but cleaning is just not my thing.


Me: “Goooosh I’m tired” Crystal: “Yeah me too Sky” Crystal wandered upstairs, and I followed. Me: “Goodnight Crys, it’s been a fun day and I can’t WAIT ‘till we get started for real” I said almost screaming a bit, but then I remembered Kate was sleeping, so yeah. ‘Partyy killerrrrr’ just kidding. Crystal: “Yeah I had a blast today! But get some rest, Justin’s coming tomorrow, and you’ll need all the sleep you can get, to put up with him” Crys said. We hugged and went to our rooms…… I did the usual night routine: Brush teeth, clean face, PJ on, Toilet and fluuuuuush . I jumped under the covers, and stared at the ceiling. A couple of years ago, I glued some luminescent silver stars on the ceiling, so that I had something to look at, when I felt sad. I like stars, they’re so pretty, and they put everything in perspective. How small you are, and how small your problems are. The stars also reminded me of dad. He died underneath them, so I feel close to him when I look at them. I also look at them when I can’t sleep, trying to count them is very boring, so yeah…. Me:”Night dad, hope you’re still there, and I love you” I said to myself in a quiet voice.. Then drifted off to sleep.  


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