(English story) Justin is forced to live with his aunt. What happens between him and Skylar?!

Hello, my name's Justin. Justin Bieber. Yeah, i AM the famous pop singer, but right now, I'm more focused on keeping a low profile. Why? Well lets just say that the way some of my fans reacted, when they found out what i was doing, was NOT something i'd like to participate in. So right now, i'm currently staying at my aunt's house. It's fun as heck! - Or not....
What will happen between him and his new housemate Skylar, as they spend the summer together. One thing is for sure, they are not as innocent as they say.

-A Justin Bieber novelle


9. Body Rocking


<Justin's POV>

Me: “Oh Jesus, save me from this hell” I said lying down with my hands covering my eyes. I just relaxed for a couple of minutes, thinking about how to handle the situation with both Caitlin and Crystal, who is also probably telling it all to Skylar right now. It was all too much, and i found myself drifting off to sleep



The next morning when i woke up i still had all my clothes on. I must have slept like an angel since i didn't wake up to change into my sweatpants. Anyway, i got up and walked down the stairs to find the two girls watching Pretty Little Liars in their PJ's. Crystal:"Well look who finally returned from the underworld." Crys said and looked at me. I looked at the clock and realized it was 1PM, wow i must've been really tired and worn out from all the touring. When i think about it, i can't even remember the last time i was able to sleep to past 8AM. Me:"Good morning to you too sunshine. What are we having for breakfast today?" I asked, hoping to hear "egg's and bacon", but sadly that didn't happen. Skylar:"There's Captain Crunch in the top cabinet above the stove." She said with a smile and pointed to the kitchen. Skylar was not as mean as Crystal, thank god. Maybe i actually have a chance of having a normal conversation in this house, without the hissing from Crystal. I made myself a huge bowl of Captain Crunch with milk - and sugar of course, before joining the girls in the couch. Me:"Thanks Skylar, this is just what i needed," I said with a mouth full of cereal. Skylar:"No problem" She said with a smile, not taking her eyes away from the TV. It must've been a really exciting episode. Not really my thing though.......

We all sat in silence for a while. I had almost forgotten about the "episode" from last night, until Crystal decided to bring it up. Crystal: "So Justin, how was your night? I bet it was very "uplifting". You get it? Uplifting?" She said and tried to hold in her laughter, but failed miserably. Great just great. Luckily enough i could tell that Crystal had not told Skylar, she looked very confused. Me: "If must know Crys, then me and my girlfriend Caitlin have something unique and special, and if you can't handle that, then maybe you should've knocked before bursting in. Besides, you're just jealous because you don't have a boyfriend!" I said with an annoyed voice. Who is she to judge, i have a girlfriend and i love her, and that is what happens when you are in love for christ sake. 


Wow i could see that Justin was really hurt and annoyed by my comment. I didn't realize he really cared for her. I mean he has been with a new girl every time I've seen him. You can't really blame me for thinking that she is just another girl to come along. But maybe he has finally changed for the better. We will see about that. Me: "I'm sorry Justin i didn't mean to mess with you like that. I didn't know she was this important." Justin: "Well she is, so just drop it," he said with a sad and slightly embarrassed face. He got up and started to walk away, but stopped when i said: Crystal:"Maybe you can invite her here for a couple of days?" I looked at Skylar and she was still sitting silent as a mouse, probably trying to stay out of the family-discussion. Justin: "Are you serious Crystal? Why are you being nice to me all of a sudden?" He looked confused like he had just seen an extinct animal or something. Me: "Yes I am serious, it could be fun getting to know her, aaaaand you would leave us alone for some time." Im not all good, well i want to meet her but also for her to babysit Justin a couple of days, so Sky and i could have some alone time. I looked at Skylar, waiting for her to approve. Skylar: "Im in, we could use some more estrogen in this house anyway, plus you need to be four to play paintball in the woods," she said with a smile and looked at Justin. Justin: "Well we can't, my mom forbid me to see Caitlin while i'm here," he said frowning and sat down in the couch. Me: "Don't worry Justin, i will call Pattie, you know how she can't resist me" i said and blinked. Justin lightened up, probably because he knew i was right. I have always been the daughter Pattie never had, and she would never tell me no.


In a matter of minutes, Mom had agreed to let Caitlin stay for 2 days, but only if me and her had different rooms. What a victory! I went back up to my room to call Caitlin and let her know that she could come by. Maybe staying here won't be as bad after all. I dialed her number and finally i was able to hear her beautiful voice. Caitlin: "Justin, wow, hey what's up?" she said with an insecure voice, letting me know that something was wrong. Me: "Hey babe, just wanted to talk to my girl. Is everything alright?" I sat on my bed waiting for an answer. Caitlin: "You are so sweet, it's just because Christian broke his leg while skateboarding, he is so stupid." She said with a bit of hesitation. Me: "Oh god, he is seriously the dumbest kid ever! But will you tell my buddy i said 'hey' and that he needs to look where he skates?!" Caitlin: "Yeah sure i will babe, but i have to go now, he is calling for help, god damn it..." Me: "Wait, i just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come up here for a couple of days?" I felt myself smiling at the thought of having her in my arms. Caitlin: "Sure sure i'll come, can i just text you when i check my calendar?" Me: "Yes of course you can, anytime." Caitlin: "Great, but i really need to go now." Me: "Okay then, I love you babe, be safe until next time." Caitlin: "Thank you babe," she said and hang up. And i didn't even get an "I love you".... Christian must really be getting on her nerves, but i get it, he can be like that sometimes.

I went downstairs and told the girls about the situation and that Caitlin would text me about the details. They were apparently heading to the waterfall nearby, judging by their bikini-and-towel-outfits. Me: "Are you heading out?" Skylar: "Yeah we are going to chill by the waterfall as we always do. Do you want to join us for a little swim?" The moment Skylar said that, Crystals face turned to stone and she looked at Skylar like she was the most stupid person in the world. She starred back at Crystal and the two of them stood there for a while, exchanging serious looks. I think Skylar won the starring-competition because she finally looked at me, smiled and said. Skylar: "Well, that is settled, come on Justin, it'll be fun." Nice, she knows how to handle Crystal, that is a plus! Me: "You can just go ahead, i will just go up and change and then i will find you." They went out the door and i went up to change. After a couple of minutes i was on my way to the waterfall as well.


Crys and I immediately jumped in the water after placing our towels on the old sunbeds we made years ago. I dived under and when i reached the surface a silhouette of a person appeared. He was standing near the sunbeds but i couldn't see who it was from the water dripping down my face. From what i could see it was a man. I wiped the remaining water off my face as i threw my head back. It was Justin! Wow, no wonder he has all these girls falling for him with those abs. Maybe Crys was right about his personality and all, but there was nothing wrong with his looks. Crys: "EARTH TO SKYLAR!" I must have been standing there for a while, shit. Justin: "Chill Cous, she was just admiring this piece of art," Justin said with a cocky smile and looked up and down his own body. 


What do you guys think? It has been a while, 3 years to be precise, but i just want to know if it is something people will read? What can i do better or change? :D



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