The story of Libidinis and Affectus

This is an english short story about the two angels Libidinis (which means "lust" in latin) and Affectus (which means "affections" in latin) and their passion and love for each other. OBS! Be aware that this story will be uncencored and in no way intendet to be read by yungsters!
Denne fortælling er IKKE egnet for børn. Læses den alligevel af børn er det på eget ansvar! Jeg HAR advaret!


2. Affectus

Lonely and dark as I was, I sat staring down at the white puffy cloud. The golden chains around my wrists and neck trickled whenever I made a move. My eyes had already gotten used to the white and clearness of Heaven, but whenever this angel came to bring me nutrition is was like someone was stabbing my eyes with needles over and over again. Slowly I looked up at the boy as he came once again. It was always the same angel.

He was the creation of Rhamiel, the angel of empathy, and Isda, the angel of nourishment. His name was Affectus. He was the angel of affections. Though he was one of The Angels and you could tell from his posture and way of speaking, he was not like the rest of them.

Something about this beautiful, tall and blonde angel made me lustful. His bare chest always seemed to catch my eyes at first, but that was just till my eyes moved to his face. The deep blue eyes and the outlines of his contours made me bite my lip and wrap my arms around my knees. My body crumpled itself to prevent me from touching him. I wanted him badly. It was a torture just being in the same room as him. And The Angels knew it. That was why they send him to me. Despite their evilness he was quite different. He always sat down beside me and talked to me. He smiled and laughed at my dark mind. Three times a day he would visit me. When he visited he always stayed for a long time before he left me again.

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