The story of Libidinis and Affectus

This is an english short story about the two angels Libidinis (which means "lust" in latin) and Affectus (which means "affections" in latin) and their passion and love for each other. OBS! Be aware that this story will be uncencored and in no way intendet to be read by yungsters!
Denne fortælling er IKKE egnet for børn. Læses den alligevel af børn er det på eget ansvar! Jeg HAR advaret!


1. Misfits and Dark Angels

It has been six days since they caught me. Arrogant they were. The Angels have always seen themselves as better than the rest of us. That is why they are spending time on locking us up. By “us” I mean the Dark Angels. We are fallen angels who were born outside The Order. Misfits.

I am Libidinis the Dark Angel of lust. I was born out of Amoris the angel of love and Peccato the angel of sin. Now you would think that both of my creators are angels so why would I be a dark angel? The crack in this is that Amoris and Peccato were never to make love. Amoris were the wife of Hamied the angel of nourishment. But Peccato tricked Amoris with his sins and disillusioned her with his lust for her beauty. The loving Amoris believes in the love of even the darkest mind and she let herself poison by Peccato’s disgustingly loving words.

This affair turned into an orphan. The orphan being me. I was born outside The Order because Amoris and Peccato tangled up. That makes me a Dark Angel. And here I am; in the ugly white and beautiful heaven, locked up in a cell so stunning it was painful for the prisoner. Disgusting it was.

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