Digital Audio Transcription

Digital transcription service is widely used, some customers may solicit service for analog transcription of their age old historical meetings, important interview etc. They need the transcripts, so that it may serve as an imperative tool to assess their performance. All these old recordings mostly would be in analog formats in the form of gramophone disc, wire recorders, cassette tapes, etc. The instrument used for dictation is the Dictaphones. Later the digital format came in the form of MP3 WAV, CD, and DVD. The digital voice recorders replaced the Dictaphones. There is no time constraint for the digital voice recorder; you can record as long as your wish. The tapes in contrast can hold only 60 or 90 minutes of recordings.


2. Audio to text

When there are tons of audio files in your possession and when you desire to transcribe in the required format, time does not permit you to transliterate it. In that case you can prefer the correct choice to transliterate your audio files. Though there are a number of audio Transcription service providers, ours is a well known name in the field of voice to text transcription for a number of business purposes. We offer technology enabled high Audio to Text Transcription at a reasonable cost with superior accuracy. Our highly proficient transcriptionists are capable of transcribing the audio files into the word format, text, PDF or any other desired format at a reasonable price.

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