Going back

A time-traveler goes back in time for the sole purpose of finding a soloution to a very personal problem.


1. Actions

I have to go back. I have no future. I've ruined everything. These were the thoughts running through my mind as I clunk-clicked the seatbelt. I sat back wondering if I forgot anything. No. That was the whole fucking point. I was here because I have nothing. I owned no possesions. Material or im-material. There wasn't anyone who would miss me or even know that I will be gone for that matter. A nobody. The machine hissed and whirred in the language I guess most machines would understand. The heavy metal door slowly closed as the decompression process began. A voice. *-Hello Michael-*.. I always wondered why they get the machines to talk as though they are instantly your friend. I've always been weary of people who, upon first meeting act as though they have known you for years. The over aggresive handshake, huge joker smile and a way of speaking that should only be used when you are  addressing 5 year olds. "err.. Hello?" I said wearily. *-Time sequence will be initiated in 20 secs-*.. "Ok, I'm pretty much good to go. Let's fuckin' do this!" I said entusiasticly. Suddenly silence. I was aware of everything at this moment. The ticking of my watch. The bleep of the display. Was that someone walking around outside? No. Just my imagination I thought. It was a while since I had taken anything so every second of silence felt like an hour. Thankfully, it was only a few seconds. *-Initiation confirmed-*... 12.....11.....10....9....8.....7... I remebered what my friend the machine told me when I first came here asking for help. *-It is not by going back that you see the opportunities to change everything, but by moving forward-*..... 4....3....2....1.... What does it know, I thought. It's just a stupid fuckin' machine. ....... 0.

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