I think I love you (Sequel to Invisible)

As Inivisible ended, Milly and Cody first kissed. In I think I love you, we'll be following Milly and Cody's relationship as well as Beth and Greyson. There will be some ups and downs, but will they manage to keep their realtionship through it all?


10. Jessica's Point of View

She thought I was asleep, but really I was just listening to the conversation. “She’s a bitch” I heard Milly say. Ha! Me a bitch? Well I suppose I am, you just wait until I’ve got you sent home little Miss England. “Well she’s one of Cody’s backup dancers” Angie said. I made sure that I got to be one of his backup dancers. Without this place, my plan won’t work and everyone will know what really happened to Cody 2 years ago. If my plan runs smoothly, then she’ll get the blame and I’ll get my name cleared. “How could you let her? After what she did to Cody?” Milly raised her voice. I stretched my arms, yawning, pretending I’d just woken up. “Morning sweetie, how are you?” Angie greeted me, “I’m fine thanks, just Milly woke me up” I lied. “Next time be a little quieter” Angie sounded annoyed with Milly. I got up from the couch, smiling. This was going to be some tour. Milly stormed off in a strop. “It wasn’t me who put Cody in hospital” I told Angie, faking a couple of tears. “Honey, I know it wasn’t you. How could you?” She asked, giving me a hug. “I wouldn’t be able to” I pretended to cry. “I actually think it was Milly who started the fire” I looked up to see Angie’s face. “You really think Milly could have caused the fire?” Angie asked me, her face full of shock. I nodded my head, letting more tears fall. “I’ve heard she was in 3 house fires. She told me she started them, she must have started the one Cody was in, she was there after all” I said, hoping Angie would believe my lie. “Oh God, you’re right. She started the fire” She covered her mouth with her hands in complete and utter shock.

We all sat in the sitting room, well everyone minus Alli. “This tour is going to be the best, because this time you’re with me” Cody said, cuddled up to Milly. “Yeah it’ll be great” Beth agreed. “What on earth happened last night?” Alli asked walking in with her head in her hands. “You got drunk” Milly replied. “Huh? I never… Oh” Alli sighed. “Wait, what’s she doing here?” She asked, pointing at me. “I’m going on tour” I grinned. Alli’s face was priceless when I said that. “Eat your cereal up kids, then we can board the bus” Angie smiled. We all did as she said, shovelling our cereal down our throats. Once we’d all finished we all ran to the bus. “Go on chose your beds” Brad laughed. I was the first to get on the bus. “I want a bed next to Milly” Cody shouted. You do that, it’s not like she’ll be on the bus for much longer, I thought to myself. “I call the bed next to Greyson” Beth called, as Greyson had already chosen his bed. “I’ll have any bed that’s left” I said, shrugged. “Well at least you’re not fussy” Angie smiled at me as she walked past. “I want this bed” Tommy said, jumping on the bottom of the bunk Cody had chosen. “Who wants to play a game of monopoly?” Brad asked, as he held the board game up.

“Come on Milly, give me the money you owe me” I said rather annoyed. “No, you’re cheating” She protested. “I was here” pointing to the ‘Go mark’. “I rolled a 4, you moved me 5 spaces” She said. “No I didn’t” I argued. “Jessica, you did” Greyson interrupted. I flashed him an evil stare before going back to the game. “No make-out sessions” I said as Beth and Greyson started kissing. “What is your problem?” Milly asked, sounding irritated. Goal. “You are my problem” I growled. “You’re just a selfish bitch who likes to hurt people in fires” I shouted, causing everyone to go silent. “What?” Milly’s voice suddenly became quiet. “You are a psycho” I told her, giving her a dirty look. “I know what happened on May 22nd 2003, May 23rd 2006 and May 25th 2009” I told her. Cody suddenly looked at her. “How… How do you know what happened?” She suddenly looked worried. “Not so brave now are we. Scared everyone will find the truth out?” I asked, pointing to Cody, Alli, Beth and Greyson. “There’s no truth” She said, suddenly becoming louder. “Oh, so if I say 2003 you weren’t in a fire in which you’re mom was put in hospital for almost 4 months? It’s not true?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. She shook her head. “What about 2006? I hear you were in a fire and you’re father luckily came out unhurt” I said. She nodded her head slowly. “And now, 2009 we were all in a fire causing Cody to be in hospital for almost 7 months” I said, pointing the obvious out. “Where are you going with this?” She asked a worried look on her face. “You see you were in every fire, every 3 years. I wonder was that just a coincidence or was it done on purpose? I did a little research finding out that no one was ever found for any of these cases. Which made me think, could a smart girl like Milly know how to not get caught? You could have lost someone close to you in those fires, and I realise that each time you’re in a fire you’re perfectly fine” I said, staring at her. I noticed everyone staring at Milly as well. “If you’re trying to say that I was one the on to start the fires, you’re wrong” Milly shook her head. “We’re just taking a stop for a minute guys, Milly will you please come with me?” Angie asked, smiling slightly. Milly did as she said, walking towards the front of the bus. I listened closely, wanting to here the words. “You’re going home; the flight is in an hour. Everything you need is in this bag” I smiled big, task accomplished.

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