I think I love you (Sequel to Invisible)

As Inivisible ended, Milly and Cody first kissed. In I think I love you, we'll be following Milly and Cody's relationship as well as Beth and Greyson. There will be some ups and downs, but will they manage to keep their realtionship through it all?


13. Emma's Point of View

I was lucky enough to stand front row of the mall concert in New York. I was actually meant to be here with Milly, but for some reason she’s had to go back home in England. Even though Milly has been friends with Cody for what, nearly 3 years, I’ve only ever met him once. If I’m lucky I might get the chance to hang out with him later. The screams around me suddenly got louder as I noticed Cody come onto the stage. “How’s everyone doing in New York today?” Cody said into the microphone, waving into the crowd. The screams grew louder, if that were even possible. “I wanted to introduce you all to someone very special to me” Cody said. “But something happened, so she had to go back to England yesterday, but never the less I’m still determined to introduce her to you” Cody looked behind him, to where a screen was appearing. “You all probably know Milly as my best friend. Well today I’d like to introduce her to you as my girlfriend” Cody’s smile was massive as he said the word girlfriend. Milly appeared on the screen, with a smile. “I wanted you all to find out together, instead of you seeing it in a magazine and thought to believe it only to be rumours” He told the crowd. Wow, didn’t expect that. I need to get on the phone with this girl, last time we spoke, Cody wasn’t interested in her. “Hey” Milly waved into her camera. I couldn’t help but laugh, she looked exhausted, tired, like she should go to bed. “I wanted to sing this new song I wrote to Milly herself, but I guess I’m just going to have to do it over skype. I actually wrote this song for you Milly. I love you” He shaped his hands in a heart shape. Aww, does he have to be so freakin’ cute? The music started to play, which of course I didn’t recognise.

‘My angel, How’d you get to be so fly?’

I could see Milly blushing slightly. “So you like it?” Cody asked, looking at the screen. “Like it? I freakin’ love it!” Milly instantly replied, with a big grin on her face as usual. “Good, because I mean every word” Cody told her.

After the concert ended, my phone started vibrating. I answered it immediately, as it was Milly. “Chick, explain!” I shouted over the hundreds of girl screams. “Later, right now get to the stage. Cody will meet you there” She told me. “Oh and how am I supposed to do that?” I laughed as I stood next the exit. “You’re Emma, you’ll find a way” Milly responded. “True, okay babe I’ll talk to you later. I need to get to the stage” I laughed, pushing my way through the screaming fans.

I somehow managed to get to the stage, although I was getting pushed back a lot, but I made it in the end. “Cody!” I gave him a hug, before he pulled me behind the stage. “It’s nice to see you again” Cody said to me, walking over to sit next to Greyson. “Yeah and you too” I replied. “Cody, babe can we go talk somewhere private?” A girl walked over and sat on Cody’s lap. “Leave me alone Jessica” Cody replied, pushing her off his lap. “Fine, I’ll see you later” She said, before pressing her lips to hers. I didn’t expect that, but the thing that surprised me most was that he kissed her back.

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