I think I love you (Sequel to Invisible)

As Inivisible ended, Milly and Cody first kissed. In I think I love you, we'll be following Milly and Cody's relationship as well as Beth and Greyson. There will be some ups and downs, but will they manage to keep their realtionship through it all?


11. Cody's Point of View

Did I just here Jessica right? Milly starting the fire I was in? I couldn’t get my head around it. All I did was stare at Milly; she couldn’t have done it, could she? “We’re just taking a stop for a minute guys, Milly will you please come with me?” Mom asked, smiling slightly. Everything was still silent, no one not knowing what to say. I could see from the corner of my eye, Jessica with a big smile on her face. “You’re going home; the flight is in an hour. Everything you need is in this bag” I heard my mom say to Milly. I instantly jumped up, running to the other end of the bus. “You can’t do that” I said angry. “Cody, the flight is already booked” Mom said. “She doesn’t have to get on” I said, my heart racing with anger. “You’re not going Milly” I told her. “We have no choice” Mom said, opened the door once the bus came to a stop. “She’s going home” She added, taking hold of Milly’s suitcase. Milly said nothing the whole time; she just stood still out of shock. “You didn’t start the fire, did you?” I asked, worrying the words ‘yes’ would come out of her mouth. “No way, how can anyone even think that? I was heart broken when those fires started. It’s not funny thinking my mum or you would die in those fires. I don’t even know why anyone would think I’d start a fire?” Milly broke down into tears. I quickly hugged her, not wanting her to cry. “Shhh” I hushed. “Milly, I honestly wouldn’t even think you would do it” I kissed her forehead. “Milly come on, you don’t want to miss your flight!” Mom called. “Cody, I’ve got to go. I can’t stay here if no one wants me” She cried into my shirt. “Hold on… Who doesn’t want you here?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows. “Your mum, Jessica and I’m pretty sure they don’t either” She sobbed, pointing to the back of the bus. “No one’s said they don’t want you here” I brushed the back of Milly’s hair, holding her close to me. “It’s obvious” She said, pulling away. “I’m going home, just like they want me too. Don’t try and stop me” She whispered, walking off the bus and started following my mom. I started following myself, to protest but my mom made me go back. “Get back on the bus now, Cody” She warned.

“Why’d you have to do this” I shouted at Jessica as I got back on the bus. “You did this” I was more than angry now. “Oh Cody, stop being so angry, I did the right thing. It’s not a coincidence that she’s in a house fire every 3 years. It will only happen again, next year I just want you to be safe” Jessica told me. I shook my head. “She wouldn’t hurt anyone” I said, grinding my teeth together, before storming off, not wanting to talk to anyone. “Cody…” I didn’t respond, instead I sat sulking at the table. “Cody please listen to me. Milly, I don’t know what happened with those fires because I wasn’t there, but you need to forget about all this that’s happening, you’ve got a show tomorrow night. You need to be practicing. I promise you, I’ll sort the whole Milly and Jessica issue out” Alli said, sitting next to me. “I’m not having you get involved. They never found the person who caused the fire, what if it was Jessica? She’s telling everyone Milly did it, mom already hates her. I can’t have anyone hating her” I said, letting a tear slip. “And now, Jessica’s going to ruin it all” “I won’t let that happen” She replied.

After I had calmed down a bit, I decided to sit with everyone else. “Do tomorrow, we’ve got our first mall show in New York” I said, feeling slightly miserable. I really wanted to tell everyone I was dating Milly. “Yeah we do” Jessica replied. I sighed, pretending I didn’t hear her. “I’ve got an idea. I know how I can still introduce Milly to my fans. She doesn’t need to be here” I smiled.

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