I think I love you (Sequel to Invisible)

As Inivisible ended, Milly and Cody first kissed. In I think I love you, we'll be following Milly and Cody's relationship as well as Beth and Greyson. There will be some ups and downs, but will they manage to keep their realtionship through it all?


8. Cody's Point of View

“You look beautiful as ever” I told Milly as we walked down the beach, hand in hand. I noticed she blushed slightly. “Did you hear Greyson and Beth are back together” I said staring into the distance. “I knew they’d be together sooner than later” She replied with that gorgeous smile. “Cody…” Milly stopped walking. “Yes?” I asked, looking back at her. “You said to me that you don’t just get over crushes, so tell me how come you suddenly like me?” She asked, with a thoughtful smile. “I never said Beth was my only crush” I replied, pulling her body close to mine. “You liked me too?” Her eyes suddenly lit up. “Liked?” I started laughed. “Is something funny?” She looked to the floor. “I like you a lot, I did back when I first met you and I still do” I kissed her forehead. “I just never told you because I was afraid you wouldn’t like me back” I shrugged. She rested her head against my chest, it felt like we were stood there for hours, but it was only about 10 minutes.

“Come on, we’ve got to spend this last day in LA as best as we can…” I took Milly’s hand, running to the picnic basket I had set up. “…So I’m taking you on a picnic date” I grinned. “Cute” Milly beamed, sitting down on the blanket. I sat down next to her. “You know, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen” Milly said looking up into my eyes as she led her head on my lap. “Only one more day until I can tell the world you are mine” I brushed my hand through her hair. “I’m so annoyed I can’t go on the rest of your tour with you, it’s so annoying living in England. If I lived here my parents would so let me be home schooled” Milly looked annoyed, her little brown eyes flashed red for a second, before shining with light. “You need to go home in England sometime, you’ve got to be missing your family and friends” I said. “Well it would just be better if they all lived here, but you are so worth missing my family and friends over” She giggled.

“Open wide” I said, dangling a strawberry in front of Milly’s face. “Excuse me, are you Cody Simpson?” I heard someone asked. I looked up to see a girl looking about 13. “Yes” I gave her a smile. “Can I get a picture please?” She asked, going slightly pink in the face. Getting from the floor to take a picture, the girl gave her camera to Milly. “Is it true you’re dating Bella Thorne?” she asked, after the picture was taken. “Where did you get that from?” I laughed looking at Milly. “J-14 magazine” She smiled. “Well I can sure you I am not dating Bella” I said. The girl nodded before walking up. “That was random” Milly laughed. “It happens a lot” I shrugged.

As the sun slowly started to set, Milly and I were sat watching. All of a sudden I could here loud music playing at the other end of the beach. I took hold of Milly’s hand and went to investigate. As we approached I saw a familiar face. Alli. “Alli! Does mom and dad know you’re here?” I shouted over the music. “Cody, chill out it’s just a party. I’m only drinking juice” She shouted back. “Who’s this babe?” Some big guy, looking about 18 asked. “Oh, he’s nobody” She said, walking off into the crowd. “We’ve got to stay here and check nothing bad happens” I told Milly, she instantly nodded, looking terrified. “Just keep hold of my hand it’ll be fine” I shouted, yet again all she did was nod. I kept a tight grip on Milly’s hand, following Alli into the crowd. I felt my heart best faster as I got more and more into the crowd. “Hey pretty thang, who’s the boy?” I turned as soon as Milly squeezed my hand, he was talking to her. “I’m here boyfriend, now beat off” I said, looking at the huge guy. “How old are you all anyway?” I asked with a disgusted look on my face. “16 to 18, what’s it to you?” He asked, getting in my face. “My 13 year old sister is here, that’s what” I said. I looked over to Milly, she looked even more terrified. I turned around to find Alli when I felt something hit my head.

Everything went black.

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