Milly-Rose is Cody Simpson's best friend, she's had a crush on him since the day they met almost three years ago. What happens when Cody likes someone else, who will never like him the same way back?


4. Olivia's Point of View

‘And you just see right through me but if you only knew me

we could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable

instead I’m just invisible’

“Come on Alli, we need to go shopping” I said, grabbing my purse heading for the door of the hotel.

“I’m coming, girl slow down” Alli said, rushing to keep up with me.

“I’m sorry; I just haven’t been able to shop since we got here. That was 4 days ago” I freaked out.

“Calm down. It’s not the end of the world. You’re going shopping now” She laughed. I rushed down the street, excited to finally go shopping again. “Seriously Olivia, slow down” Alli said, falling behind me.

“Sorry” I mumbled.


“Let’s go somewhere to sit down. I’m tired” Alli told me, we’d somehow ended up with 12 bags in total. That’s what you get when you don’t go shopping in 4 days.

“I agree” I said, looking around, spotting star bucks. “Shall we go to star bucks?” I asked.

“Sure, why not” She smiled, making her way over. I followed close behind. We sat near the back of the coffee shop. “What do you want, Alli?” I asked, putting my bags down on a chair.

“Strawberries and cream frappuccino please” She smiled at me. I nodded, walking over to the counter. I waited in line, patiently, when I spotted two people I knew. Greyson and Beth. I was about to go up to them and say hey, when I saw them do something that made my eyes open wide. They were kissing. "Oh God, no. Stupid, Olivia" I groaned quietly to myself. I ordered the drinks, strawberry and cream for Alli and a caramel cream for myself. “I’m such an idiot” I told Alli as I sat down next to her. “What have you gone and done this time?” She asked, taking the frappuccino from me. I pointed towards Greyson and Beth. “What about them?” Alli asked, staring at them. “They’re together. Like dating” I told her.

“No, really?” She chocked a little.

“I’m such an idiot” I sighed, leaning my head into my hands.

“Tell me, why are you an idiot?” Alli questioned.

“Cody’s going to ask her out. I told him she likes him” Boy, was I in trouble.

“Why’d you do that?” Alli hissed.

“I thought she did” I told her, feeling small.


“Milly, are you going to tell us why you were grinning like a freak the other day?” Alli asked, turning the page of her magazine.

“Don’t tell Cody, alright” She smiled. I nodded my head, wanting to know why she was so happy. “Brad phoned my parents and asked if I could go on the coast to coast tour with Cody, they said yes” Her smile was massive.

“Really?” I asked, super excited. “Yup” She said, pooping the ‘p’.

“That’s awesome” I said giving her a hug.

“Milly do you know where Cody is?” Alli asked, suddenly serious.

“Um, he went to meet up with Beth I think” She replied.

“Where?” I asked, wide eyed.

“Um, I think they went to the park, I’m not sure. Why?” She asked, confused. I shook my head, running out of the door.


I dialled Cody’s number, hoping he’d pick up. “Hi… You’ve reached my voicemail. Phone back later. I’ll probably pick up” Cody’s voice rang through the phone.

“I need to talk to you now, not later” I mumbled, annoyed. I ran as fast as I could to the park. I panted, out of breath, looking around the park for any sign of Cody or Beth. I spotted Cody walking towards me; a frown appeared on his face. I was too late. A frown appeared on my own face. “What’s up Codes?” I asked, as I walked nearer to him.

“I told you she wouldn’t like me” Cody mumbled so low I could only just catch what he said.

“I’m sorry Cody, I was trying to phone you. Beth has a boyfriend” I told him.

“She does? Now I feel like an idiot” He scratched his neck, looking to the round.

“Yeah… Greyson” I said quietly, hoping he didn’t hear me.

“Oh man, I’m such a dork” He said, walking back to the hotel.

“You’re not, honestly. I only found out, when I was in star bucks with Alli” I told him, feeling a little awkward with the situation.

“I’ll get over it” He said, putting a smile on his face. I nodded my head, not sure what to say next.


“Emma, I’m telling you it’s as if I’m invisible to him” Milly said, she was on the phone yet again. That girl was constantly on that phone. “You have a boyfriend? That’s great” She laughed.

“I didn’t get there in time” I sighed, sitting next to Alli.

“Is he alright?” She asked, looking away from her laptop.

“He seems it, for now” I told her. Cody came in and slumped on the chair on couch.


I guess I have to be careful with what I say in the future.

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