Milly-Rose is Cody Simpson's best friend, she's had a crush on him since the day they met almost three years ago. What happens when Cody likes someone else, who will never like him the same way back?


3. Beth's Point of View

‘And I just want to show you, she don't even know you

she’s never gonna love you like I want to’

“We’re going bowling today” Greyson told me, over the phone.

“We are?” I asked, confused. I never got told this.

“With Cody, Alli, Milly and Olivia. Alli wanted to do something today, so I suggested it” He told me.

“Oh right, what time are we going then?” I asked, wondering.

“I’ll be at your house in about 20 minutes, and then we’re meeting everyone at 10 o’clock” He replied.

“Okay, well thanks for the warning” I laughed, looking around the room for my pastry shoes.

“Well I’ll see you in about 20 minutes” Greyson said before hanging up.

“Bye” I mumbled, picking up a bag and chucking my phone into it. “Mom! I’m going bowling with Greyson and some friends” I called out, not knowing where my mom was.

“Okay, honey. Do you need any money?” She asked me. I didn’t know the answer, so I just nodded. “You have fun, and be good” She kissed my forehead.

“Always am mom” I smiled at her, before running into my room, making sure I had everything.


“Come on bestie” I giggled running out of my house, even before Greyson could knock on the door.

“Someone’s in a good mood” Greyson laughed, walking up my garden path.

“I’ve got a feeling, that’s today’s gonna be a good day!” I sang, walking backwards looking at Greyson. Could he get anymore cuter?

“Calm down, Beth before you hurt yourself” Greyson took hold of my arm and made me walk properly.

“Sorry” I mumbled, looking at Greyson and smiling.

“What’s that smile for?” He asked, smiling himself.

“What smile?” I asked, quickly wiping the smile of my face.

“That adorable smile I just saw” He told me, pulling me closer to him his arm around my waist.


“Hey guys” I said, running over to everyone giving them all hugs.

“You guys are lucky she’s calmed down now” Greyson laughed. I ran back over to him, jumping on his back.

“You spoke to soon” I whispered in his ear. “Go Greyson, go” I laughed, pointing towards the entrance of the bowling ally. He did as I said, walking over to the entrance.

“You know you guys are mental” Milly said, laughing.

“Pretty much” Greyson replied. I pushed the door open for Greyson. As we waited in line to pay, I jumped off Greyson’s back.

“So I’m going to beat your asses at bowling” I told everyone.

“Well you’ll defiantly beat me” Milly said. “I’ve never played before” She added.

“You’re joking, right?” Olivia asked. She just shook her head, looking at her feet. We got to the pay counter, I was about to take me money out.

“Beth, don’t. You know I always pay for you” Greyson smiled at me.

“Maybe I want to pay for once” I poked my tongue out at him, smiling.

“Tempting” He whispered quietly. “Well you’re not” He told me, pushing my hand away and taking out his money.


“Come on, look you guys are doing well. Look at my score. 1. I totally suck at this” Milly said, as she looked up at the scoring of everyone.

“Come on, I’ll help you” Cody smiled, standing behind her and showing her how to bowl.

“Aren’t they just cute?” I whispered to Olivia who was closest to me

“Oh yeah, but that’s because they’re best friends. You and Greyson are cute, but you’re just best friends” She said to me, smiling. All I did was nod my head, not sure whether to tell her or not. I decided on not telling her, Greyson said he wanted to keep it quiet for a while, I haven’t even told my mom.

“But I can see the way she looks at him, she likes him” I whispered back.

“She may do, but he likes someone else” She whispered back.

“Really? Who?” I asked, wanting to know some gossip.

“Sorry, can’t tell you. Cody told me not to tell anyone, so that’s what I’m doing” She said. I nodded my head, understanding.

“What are you guys talking about?” Alli asked, she had just finished her bowl.

“Cody and Milly” I replied, still looking at how cute they look together.

“Oh, right. What about them?” She asked, wanting to obviously join in on the conversation.

“Beth, come on it’s your turn” Greyson called me. I got up and jogged over to him.

“Excuse me” I heard a small voice; I looked down to see a little girl looking about 5, pulling on Greyson’s trousers. Cute.

“Hey, there” Greyson got down to her level. “What’s your name, sweetie?” He asked her.

“Mary” She giggled, hiding behind her hands. “My sister really likes you” She said quietly, looking over to what I assumed was her family.

“Oh really, does she? Why doesn’t she come over here?” Greyson asked.

“She said she’s too shy” Mary replied in her cute voice. “Well you go and get her for me and I might just have something for you and her” Greyson replied, before Mary nodded her head continuously, before running off to her family.

“You’re so sweet” I laughed, pushing him gently.

“Oh am I now?” He asked, pulling me into a hug. I nodded my head.

“Let go, dork. I need to take my go” I told him, pushing his arms away from me. I picked up the pink bowling ball I’d been using, ready to take my throw. “She wants a picture with you” Greyson whispered in my ear.

“Me?” I asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Yes, you” He replied.

“Can’t I just quickly take my go?” I asked.

“Quickly” He laughed. I turned back to the ally, aiming the ball for the middle. I threw the ball, getting a strike.

“Oh yeah” I jumped into the air. I made my way over to Mary, smiling. “So who wants a picture?” I asked.

“I do” A girl, looking about the same age as me spoke.

“You know I’m not famous or anything” I told her, making my way over to her and Greyson.

“But you are Greyson’s best friend” She said, sounding nervous.

“Well yes, I am” I laughed.


“Remind me why we’re hiding our relationship again” I said to Greyson.

“Well, I can tell you something, just don’t mention this to Cody” He said to me. I nodded my head, slowly. “Cody likes you, if he finds out we’re together, well I don’t know what will happen if he finds out but, you get my point?” Greyson asked, playing with my hair.

“I guess” I replied. We’d just gotten back to my house, after going bowling. Turns out Alli won, and not me.  “Wait Cody likes me?” I suddenly sat up, my head no longer being on Greyson’s lap.

“Can’t you see the way that he looks at you? He defiantly likes you” He said to me.

“Oh, no” I sighed, covering my face with my hands.

‘And you just see right through me But if you only knew me’

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