The Tacoda Alchemist


7. The Chimera

The next morning I was waked by the phone ringing. I ran to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?” “Hi,Tacoda, it’s Sc. Lt. Kagahashi speaking. We need you in the white bulding! Hurry!Beep, beep, beep. What had happened? I desided that the fastest way I could get to the white building was as a Karelia . I transformed and ran the fastest as I was able to. I hurried to the main office and was met of Sc. Lt. Kagahashi and the Lieutenant. “Tacoda, a chimera looking like a big dog has attacked and killed a State Alchemist. We have to kill the chimera, so it doesn’t hurt anyone else!” the Lieutenant said in a rush. “Oh my god! Where is it, I’m going to get there as fast as I can!” I answered in a hurry. “No, you can take the vihicle with us,” Sc. Lt. Kagahashi said. The Lieutenant looked worried at me.  Looked down. “I’d rather not do that. I really don’t like cars. I’ll run over there. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! But please, tell me where it is.” “It’s the corner of Third Street and Rosemarie Street, but...” I transformed into a Karelia and ran to the place. On the way over there I was passed by the Lieutenant’s car. “See you there, Tacoda! Be careful!” he shouted out of the window and dissappeared around the corner. Oh, I had no idea there would be such a long distance! Boom! Oh, shit, what happened?! I jumped to the roof of a building so I would be able to see better. I saw the huge chimera in a fight with the Lieutenant. Sc. Lt. Kagahashi was fainted nearby the car. “Kagahashi, wake up! I need your support! I can’t fight this monster alone! Kagahashi!” I heard the Lieutenant scream. Shit! I had to do something! “Okay, easy now, you had fought with a whole pack of wolves, so there is no need to be afraid!” I told myself. I jumped down between the Lieutenant and the chimera while barking as loud as I could, to scare the chimera. I was growling and showing my fangs to the disgusting monster on front of me. “You have hurted Kagahashi!” I was thinking inside my head! “I’m going to kill you for that!” I jumped upon the chimera and bit him in the neck. “Stop, Tacoda! He is a unuseable strong chimera! He’s to dangerous to fight against alone! No, Lieutenant! Let me do this alone! I know I can do it! This is my opportunity to show the others that they can trust me! Just let me kill this guy by myself! I don’t want you to get hurt! Slash! They chimera hit me with it’s giant claws, and I was bleeding from the side of my chest. Shit! “Oh, I almost forgot! If I howl, I will get stronger! Then I may have a chance to kill this monster!” I remembered. Oouuuuhh! I attacked again. This time I bit him on his back, so that he wouldn’t be able to reach me with his claws. He was bleeding alot from his wounds of my fangs, and he seemed to be getting tired. “Shit! Tacoda, I can’t help you, when you’re around him! I’m afraid to hit you!” the Lieutenant shouted. You don’t have to help. I can feel that he’s getting weaker! I jumped of the chimera, while transforming into a human and made a perfect landing. Argh! I used my thunder of full power and hit the monster with such a power that it made an explosion. I was thrown back and landed on the side and rolled. I couldn’t see anything because of the smoke, but I could hear the Lieutenant: “Tacoda! Tacoda, where are you? Are you hurt? Tacodaaa!” Oh my god, he really worried about me. He was scared that I would get hurt! “I’m here, Lieutenant! I’m alright! What about the chimera?” I answered him. Now I could see the Lieutenant. He was running towards me. “Oh, thank god, you’re alright!” He hugged me! “You did it, Tacoda! You killed the chimera by yourself! I wasn’t even able to hurt him with my fire Alchemy!” I was so happy that he were so excited about it! I tried to get up, but I fell down imidiatly! I felt a burning pain in my side. I hold to my side, and I saw that I was all covered in blood. I screamed from my pains. It hurt so badly, that I just wanted to die! “Tacoda! You’re bleeding a lot! I need a doctor! Now!” he shouted towards the croud. An army doctor came to me, and ripped his shirt so he could use it as a temporary bandage.

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