The Tacoda Alchemist


1. Prolog

This is my story. When I was a child my parents wanted to move away from Denmark. And then we ended up in Japan. We had a little cottage in the woods, and we were happy. One day, we were attacked by a huge bear. Both of my parents died. I was left alone in the cottage. I learned my self Alchemy because I wanted ti revive my parents. It is told, that it’s forbidden to use Human Transmutation, but I did it. I wanted my parents to be alive again. But I was badly punsihed. I lost my right leg and I lost the seight of my left eye. But since I was just a lonely child, “He” gave me something. The ability to transform into a Karelian Bear Hunting Dog. Ever since then, I have been living alone in my parents cottage. It’s now five years after the death of my parents. I have grown a lot of strength and skills as a dog. I’m fast, I can climb and I have all the great senses that a dog has. My name is Laura, but in japanese it’s Lau Ra.

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