The Tacoda Alchemist


5. Lt. Tashkeda

We went to the big hall where the official appointment should be. The was a lot of soldiers around me, and the Lieutenant was standing in front of me, a couple of meters away. I was  nervuos for the first time in life. No, I wasn’t nervous; I was scared like I was in hell. “Lau Ra! Shhow us your power!“ the Lieutenant said solemnly. I startet with water: I made a wall of water. Then I used thunder: I put the thunder in my wall of water so it gave a lot if light. Now, ground and nature: I made a tree grow from the floor and set a fire on it and exingguished it with the water, and in the same I transformed into the Karelian Bear Hunting Dog jumping out of the smoke, landing close to the Lieutenant. A great ending if I have to say it. The Lieutenant looked very pleased! “That was just great! Uhh, do you understand anything when you’re a dog??” he asked hesitant. Of course I do, Lieutenant! Do you see my lips move? No you don’t, ‘cause I can talk to your mind, so only you can hear me. I was smiling inside. What would he say about this skill? “Whoa! You scare the hell out of me, Lau Ra! Please transform into a human again,” he said with a kind of shaky voice. I transformed into a human again and looked him deep into his eyes, looking so innocent I could. There were silence. I had no idea what to say. “That was very praiseworthy! You are accepted as a State Alchemist! Now, all we need is to give you a new name... Hmm... Do you have any idea Lau Ra? Something that make you different from other Alchemists,” Phew! Fortunately he started! Oh! I have an idea! What were they called? My mom used to read about human transform to another creature... What were they called? I know! Tacodas! “Uh, I remember a book about humans transforming into other... creatures. They were called Tacodas,” I stammered. Was it too much? “Oh, that’s great! Then you will be The Tacoda Alchemist!” the Lieutenant said happely. “From now on, you will not be called Lau Ra, but Tacoda, okay?” I will be called Tacoda? That might take a little time before I get used to that! “Oh, and by the way, I’d like to see you at my office in five minutes,” he said more solemnly. I went to Lieutenant Tashkeda office. I knocked on the door and I was actually looking forward to see him again. He was a remarkable young man. And besides that he was a very good looking young man! “Come in!” a voice shouted from behind the door. I walked into the office and bowed: “The Tacoda Alchemist report for duty, sir!” I said reverently. He turned around and looked at me the same way as he has done the other times. “Stand up, Tacoda! I don’t like to see you like that! I’m nothing specially. I may be your superior, but you are very special. I like you as you were the first time I saw you, and the first time I saw you at my office! You don’t have to be another just because I’m here.” Huh?! The first time he saw me AND the first time in his office? He has seen me before? But... I haven’t noticed that! “Ah, you’re thinking about “the first time I saw you”? Well, I was hiding in you cottage while you were out hunting. When you came back you were too tired, and you hadn’t been eating for days, so you didn’t notice me. I was sitting quietly in the dark watching you. Did you know that you are very beautiful?” he said just out of the blue. I was shocked! What should I answer? “Lieutenant Tashkeda... If you could sneak in to my cottage, why do you then think I could be useful, if I didn’t even noticed your intrance?” I chose to respond in the first thing he said. Again his head tilted but this time without a smile. HAHA! Huh? He just laughed?? “Tacoda, you are all to proffessional! Well, if you really wanna know, I’m trained as a spy. That is why you didn’t noticed me! I have trained my whole life as a spy. But now, tell me, why didn’t you respond to my last commend?” He smiled again! Oh, that smile! I had no idea what to answer... “I chose not to, because I didn’t know how to answer it. I haven’t been amongst people for five years. I don’t know how to respond to things like that,” I anwered him honestly. I hoped that he would like my honesty. He touched my cheek again. Now with all of his hand. His face was very close to mine. He looked me straight into my eyes. He kissed me! His kiss was so wonderful! Knock, knock, knock! Oh, my! What a shock! I looked at the Lieutenant, but he didn’t seem regretting anything. He just smiled to me. He placed himself in the chair behind the table. “Come in!” he shouted to the man outside the door. Sc. Lt. Kagahashi stepped in. “Sir, I’m here to take Tacoda to her residence!” he said solemnly. “Of course, Sc. Lt. Kagahashi. Actually, I would like to escort her to her new home,” Lieutenant Tashkeda suddently said. What?! I’m being escorted home by the Lieutenant? Sc. Lt. Kagahashi looked surprised. “Uh, okay Lieutenant.. Uh, I guess that’s alright.  Well, then I would take the rest of the day off, sir. Have a good evening!” he told. The Lieutenant answered quick: “Yes! Do that, Sc. Lt. Kagahashi! See you tomorrow then! Goodnight.” I was just standing, completely out of the ability to say anything.

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