Everything Changed

This story is in loving memory of my dad. Forever in our hearts.


8. You


It was a cold February morning and I was standing on a square in Copenhagen. I was wearing a black woolen hat and red woolen mittens, which I was holding up to my mouth, so I could blown hot air on my hands and try to force feeling back in them. I was listening to Nirvana, when suddenly my heart stood still. You. I saw you at the other end of the square. I recognized your jacket, and your hair. I had never been more certain of anything in my entire life. You had come back for me. I ran towards you, my smile widening with every cm I got closer to you. I tapped you on your shoulder and you turned. Everything inside of me froze. It wasn’t you. You weren’t back. It was just a stranger looking at me questioningly: ”What?”

I stumbled backwards. “I… Sorry… I thought you were… Someone else…” I couldn’t bear the pain. I felt like I had lost you all over again.


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