Everything Changed

This story is in loving memory of my dad. Forever in our hearts.


2. The Kiss


It felt like that day lasted a year and a few minutes at the same time. I didn’t really know what had happened, or maybe I just didn’t want to know. I had just gotten off from work – I started working at the library when I was 13 and I had been there for almost a year. You were supposed to pick me up, but you never showed, so I walked home. I started cleaning my room. I hated cleaning my room, but I knew I had to, since we were celebrating your 40-year birthday and the house would be full of guests in just an hour. My little sister, Sofie, ran into my room, slamming the door open: “There’s been an accident. Dad was in it”. Her friend had called her and said that she had seen a motorbike like the one you had at the store next to the ambulance. A 40-year-old man had lost his life. My mum drove to the store to see if she could find out whether it was you. I took Sofie with me into the living room and sat there, holding her. I got a teddy bear from her room and tried comforting her, telling her it couldn’t be you. At that time it seemed like a fact to me. Of course, it couldn’t be you. She cried and ran out on the street, and I ran after her, trying to get her inside. Our mum came home. She hadn’t been able to find out anything, so she went upstairs to call all of the hospitals in the area to check if you were there. I went back into the living room with Sofie, and I kept talking to her. What did I say? I don’t remember. Our mum walked into the room crying, holding the phone in her hand. She nodded, and Sofie ran. I wanted to run after her, but I couldn’t move. It felt like hours had gone by before I stumbled after her, though in reality, it was probably just a few minutes. Two policemen were at the door. Everything happened too fast for me to understand it. It was as if someone had hit the forward button. I just put on my shoes and got into the police car.


I had just gotten in when we got out again. I remember there were arrows on the floors as we walked through the halls of the hospital. I remember it was white. That’s all I remember. My mum went into the room to check whether you looked alright. She came back out to get me and Sofie, and we all walked in. Sofie ran out when she saw you and my mum went after her. I walked up to you. You looked like you were sleeping and dreaming of something nice. You were one of those people who got tanned by being in the sun for a few minutes. It was weird to see you all white, all stiff. I cried and my tears landed on your face. I lifted my hand and dried them off, and then I kissed you.



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