Jenny And Daniel

Engelsk Digt.


1. Jenny And Daniel

Things had never been the same since Daniel died. She couldn’t sleep at night, because she always cried. Dad where gone long time ago, and mom were never there. Her brother was only four years old, and felt like he was spare.  Mom kept sleeping with any man she could find, Heartbroken for dad leaving her behind. Their home was empty, cold and messy. Her room was small, and dark. She hides herself in baggy cloth, so one will notice her spark. Her only spare time is, when she takes a bath, and cuts her wrists. No matter what she does, no one notice she exists. She paints, and that’s her gift from god himself, but no one sees the art. She hides away the masterpieces, so she can stay apart.

Daniel had always been her only friend, All that time together, they had always spend, But things were tuff at home, and he fell apart, Leaving purr Jenny, with this broken heart.

Daniel took the chances he got, And so he took a shot, He did it, finally. Humane, The shot went through his brain.

Jenny went to his grave, and lay a pure red rose, Where dear Daniel was now, only god knows. She went home to cry that day, And still she kept on pray, For her to one day have the courage, To just slip away.

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