Teacher at day, racer at night - engelsk

Julie is 17 years old, and had a lot of boyfriends, but all is got to change, when she meets her new hot english teacher. He is 25. Tall, dark hair and handsome. But he is forbidden!


6. The new student

“Why didn’t he or she start yesterday? Instead of today?”

She just shook her head and said

“I really don’t know. But he is a troublemaker, but kind of hot”

I laughed at her and after some time I just smiled and said

“You think everybody is hot! But still, we don’t need a troublemaker. Where is he from?”

She looked mad at me, but like me she couldn’t be mad too long so she smiled at me and took an arm around me and pointed at a dark haired, kind of pale but muscular. I could see his six packs though his black t-shirt. And his black hair was down and it nearly covered his blue eyes. He turned around and laid his arms over cross. When he spotted me and Kara, he just smiled and waved. I was stunned, until I saw that it wasn’t us he waved to but at another person. I turned around and saw it was Mr. Browning he waved at. But Mr. Browning didn’t looked to happy to see him. Actually he looked mad and kind of scared. But why? The new student walked over to Mr. Browning with a smirk on his face. And started to talk to Mr. Browning, he looked really mad, and their talk ended quickly when a teacher – Mr. Dickens – walked over to talk with Mr. Browning.

“What do you think that was about?”

I asked Kara when we walked towards our class. She just shook her head and said

“I didn’t even know that they knew each other”

We came in to class; it was English with Mr. Browning, we were early, but it was ok, because then I could watch Mr. Browning get ready. He looked up when we came in.

“Oh, good morning Kara, miss Smith, you are early?”

Kara nodded and said

“Yes Mr. Browning, we are always here before time, so we can get the good places”

He then smiled and looked at me. So I smiled back to him. For some reason, I didn’t know, I didn’t felt comfortable in his stare. So I looked down on the floor and followed Kara to the back of the class, where we normally sit. I and Kara talked until the class started, and Mr. Browning started too talked about what we are going to do today until the door opened and in came the new student. He looked bored up to the class. Until he met my eyes, then he turned it into a smile and walked pass Mr. Browning without a word. I got nervous, when I saw he was walking straight towards my table. When he reached my table he stood right at my table and looked at me with a sexy smile and said with a beautiful British accent

“Hello beautiful may I sit beside you?”

I didn’t trust my voice so I just nodded a yes towards him, and looked down at my table. He then turned so he looked at me and slowly he said

“Hey I’m Zach. You are?”

I looked at him, and slowly smiled at him and then decided that it wouldn’t kill me to talk with him.

“I’m Julie, where are you from?”

He smiled a very sexy smile and then leaned towards me and said in a hushed voice

“I could show you..”

“Mr. Tanner, would you please stop flirting and follow my class, and Miss Smith, you should know better than talk in class!"

Mr. Browning interrupted Zach, and looked very angry. I looked scared at Kara, but she also looked scared and shocked. Because Mr. Browning had seem like a calm teacher. I slowly looked at Mr. Browning, but I chicken out and looked at my table and mumbled

“Sorry Mr. Browning, it won’t happen again”

But Zach? He just smiled and seemed to enjoy this. I was ashamed; I didn’t ever talk in class. I was a straight A student, but I partied a lot, so people didn’t see me as a nerd. I looked toward Zach and he started to laugh. I got tomato red in my face and Mr. Browning got even angrier and almost shouted

“Mr. Tanner, Miss Smith that was your last chance! Detention to you both, after school!”

I was stunned. I have never had detention and only 5 minutes with Zach, I got one. He was indeed trouble! So for the rest of the time I looked at my paper and Mr. Browning. I didn’t dare to look at Zach. I didn’t want to have another day’s detention. After class Mr. Browning said

“Miss Smith, can I please have a word with you alone?”

I nodded but I got the feeling that I couldn’t breathe. I quickly looked at Kara, and she mimed that she would wait for me. I slowly walked towards his desk with sweaty and shaky hands. When I got near him, I got so nervous. What did he want to talk about?

“Yes Mr. Browning?”

I said with a shaky voice, and I’m sure he could hear how nervous I was. He looked up at me with a face that looked in pain. But after few seconds it disappeared and his angry face was showing again, it was in so short time, that I wasn’t sure the pained look was real. But his actions told me. He slowly touched my arm and followed that until he got to my face.  Then he slowly massaged my chin and said en a hushed voice

“You are very beautiful Julie. Like a flower, delicate and fragile but still strong. I have tried to stay away, but I can’t anymore”

Then he kissed me. I was in too much shock to react immediately, but when I did I slowly followed his movements of his lips. The kiss was amazing! Like firework. I felt a great heat in my body and it was like electric shock the places I touched me. I felt like crying. It was absolute divine. And it made me think of this song Anya – Beautiful world. He finished the kiss and slowly looked at me. We were out of breath when he said….

“Hey Julie! Wake up! The class is over!”

I opened my eyes and saw I were in Mr. Browning’s classroom and the class were indeed over. Me and Kara were the only ones in there. I looked towards Mr. Browning’s desk. But he was gone.

“How long?”

She did know what I meant.

“10 minutes or so. He luckily didn’t saw it, or asked you a question. What were you dream about? Because it sounds good by the sounds you were making.”

I blushed deeply. Had Zach heard it too? She saw my face and laughed and said

“Yes he heard you and he thinks you dreamt about him”

That did it for me. I broke down laughing until my stomach started to hurt. Then I was giggling and finally I said

“That’s funny! Why would I dream about him?”

She laughed and said

“Because you said “Oh yes just like that babe””

I blushed again, looked at her to see if she would laugh and say “Naah kidding!” But she didn’t, so I had to ask


She laughed and nodded. I silently swear inside. It was so embarrassing! And Kara couldn’t stop laughing.

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