Teacher at day, racer at night - engelsk

Julie is 17 years old, and had a lot of boyfriends, but all is got to change, when she meets her new hot english teacher. He is 25. Tall, dark hair and handsome. But he is forbidden!


4. So confused

I looked between them both. I was so confused. I didn’t understand what had happen. And why had Mr. Browning looked so mad at this brother? Then it hit me! He was afraid his older brother would flirt with me. So I said

“Don’t worry Mr. Browning, I’m not like Nina”

And then I smiled. He just smiled at me too and Jared started to laugh and said

“What are you talking about?”

Mr. Browning looked at him and quickly said

“Nothing important Jared”

I started to feel uncomfortable. Because Jared was staring at me with a sexy smile. Yeah he was hot. But just too old for me. I think he was maybe 28 or something. And Mr. Browning? He was more for me. But he was still 8 years older than me and he is my teacher! Gosh! When did I start to sound like Kara?! But something draws me to him. I felt a need to touch him and kiss him. It is just.. Crap! I have a crush on my teacher. And I have only had him for 1 day! It’s just craptastic! I looked at Mr. Browning and said

“I’m sorry I interrupt your conversation. And I will go now. Bye Mr. Browning, Jared”

I nodded towards the two of them when I said the last part and started to go out. But I smiled when I heard Jared’s voice

“Damn Ian! She’s hot! I now understand why you wanted to be a teacher!”

I walked into the cafeteria to meet with Kara before class. And I saw her by our table talking to some guys. When she saw me I waved at her to say she should come with me. She nodded at me and said her goodbye’s to the boys.

“What’s up?”

She said when she reached me.

“You would NEVER guess who I met after I had been in the bathroom!”

She looked confused at me

“Mr. Browning’s big brother!”

She looked at me with shock in her eyes


She almost screamed at me. So I nodded. She smiled with stars in her eyes. Yeah Kara has something for older guys!

“How old?”

She asked and I shook my shoulders and answered her

“Maybe 28? I don’t know I have a hard time with people’s age”

She smiled again and I could see she was in La la land for a looong time, so I needed to wake her up. So I shakes her shoulders and yells

“Kara! Back to reality please!”

She shook her head and said

“Sorry, just fantasizing”

“Yeah I could tell”

I laughed at her and shook my head.

“You are crazy girlfriend. But I love you and we need to go to class”

So that was what we did. Walked to class while I described Mr. Browning’s brother for Kara.

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